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time:matters – Sustainable High-Performance Logistics

time:matters provides emergency and supply-chain logistics, addressing time-critical needs worldwide. We prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint, and have been carbon-neutral in 2022 through reduction and offsetting measures. Starting from January 2023, we are investing in 100% sustainable aviation fuel for all Sameday Air and On Board Courier transports and plan to cut CO2 emissions by up to 50% by 2025.

Read our press release and check out our sustainability strategy.


We offer you flexible and worldwide door-to-door transports, customized to your individual needs. Thanks to our exclusive network, we transport every shipment 100% reliably, transparently and by the fastest route possible by air, rail or road to its destination. Our logistics experts take care of each step of your supply chain – from collection and customs clearance to delivery.

Do you need a logistics solution for an urgent spare part, missing production equipment, secret prototypes, confidential documents, medical samples or dangerous goods? We offer transport solutions for logistical emergencies and for time-critical regular business. We guarantee maximum control over the entire transport process of your shipment.

We are available for you personally 24/7.

What if… you have real logistics challenges to solve?

When time matters, we solve your logistics challenges and turn “what if” into reality.
Have you ever wondered how we do it? Watch our image film to find the answers.

Your advantages at a glance


  • Shortest processing and transit times
  • Higher loading priority than express freight
  • Shortest response times for offer / order / processing


  • More than 3,000 connections worldwide every day / 500 partners / 500 destinations

  • Exclusive cooperations (Lufthansa Group, Deutsche Bahn and more than 20 airlines)
  • Individual use of every available airline


  • Exclusive shipment monitoring
  • Proactive status updates
  • Company-operated courier terminals with direct access to the apron area

Which is the right service for you?

Sameday Air

Same day transports worldwide for shipments up to 300kg.

  • Shortest handling times for import, export and transit from 40 minutes
  • Higher loading priority than express freight, single-shipment handling
  • More than 20 partner airlines and 100 courier partners

Global express air freight

Global service on passenger and cargo aircraft.

  • Higher loading priority than express freight, single-shipment handling
  • Physical supervision of shipments on the apron in FRA and MUC
  • No weight limit

airmates On Board Courier

Personally accompanied transport via On Board Courier.

  • Maximum speed and highest reliability
  • Global network with over 12,000 couriers in over 50 countries
  • Online bookable offer in less than 1 minute

Spare Parts Logistics

Efficient spare parts logistics through reliable In-Night network.

  • Online real-time tracking and proactive communication through regional service teams
  • Company-operated flight network ensures reliable and flexible transport
  • Customized road and air networks, processes and IT solutions.


Same day transport by rail for shipments up to 20kg.

  • Shipping within a few hours including pickup and delivery
  • Reliable transport, regardless of the current traffic situation
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to direct travel

Tailor-Made Solutions

Individual solution specially tailored to your needs.

We develop customized emergency plans in close cooperation with our customers. If there is an interruption in the supply chain, for example due to a line standstill, an ash cloud or snowstorms, a pre-planned emergency concept is already available, which time:matters then implements without delay. In this way our customers save time and money.


Direct Delivery

Courier Terminals

Customs Brokerage

Sustainable High-Performance Logistics

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