time:matters is your expert for particularly urgent transports and complex shipping needs.

We develop customized logistics solutions that are tailored to your specific needs – around the clock, 7 days a week. We deliver every shipment reliably and by the fastest means possible to the desired destination – whether it is time-critical spare parts, large machines, highly urgent documents, unique prototypes or sensitive specimens.



  • Shortest processing and transit times at all airports throughout the network
  • Higher loading priority than express cargo
  • Shortest response times – from order acceptance and pickup to delivery


  • More than 3,000 connections per day throughout the world via 500 partners, to over 500 destinations in around 100 countries
  • Exclusive cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and subsequent connection to more than 140 train stations
  • Exclusive cooperation with Deutsche Lufthansa as well as partnerships with more than 20 other airlines
  • Plus the option of using of all available airlines


  • Exclusive shipment monitoring
  • Proactive status updates
  • Company-operated Courier Terminal at Frankfurt Airport with direct access to the apron area
  • 24/7 availability of our logistics experts


  • Transport solutions for the logistical emergency, time-critical day-to-day business, as well as tailor-made industry solutions
  • Transports via air, rail or road, plus the possibility of combining all services with multimodal transport options
  • Including pickup, delivery and customs clearance upon request


Sameday Air

Sameday transports worldwide for shipments up to 200kg.

  • Fastest import, export, and transit handling times, starting from 40 minutes
  • Higher loading priority than express cargo, single-shipment handling
  • More than 21 partner airlines plus >100 courier partners
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Sameday rail – sameday transports by rail for shipment up to 20kg .

  • Shipping within a few hours, including pickup and delivery
  • Regardless of weather and traffic conditions
  • Affordable alternative to direct delivery
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Sameday rail – sameday transports by rail for shipment

Spare Parts Logistics

Innight service for the spare parts supply.

  • Online real-time tracking and proactive communication through our regional Service Teams.
  • Company-operated flight network ensures a reliable transport as well as the necessary flexibility.
  • Road and flight networks, as well as processes and IT solutions, all tailored to suit the individual needs of the customer.
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Global Express Air Freight

Global service on all passenger and cargo aircraft.

  • Higher loading priority than express cargo, single-shipment handling
  • Physical supervision of shipments being loaded at the apron area in FRA
  • No weight limit
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Personally accompanied transport via On Board Courier.

  • Maximum speed and reliability
  • Global network with over 12,000 couriers in over 50 countries
  • Online bookable offer in less than 1 minute
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Tailor-Made Solution

Customized solution tailored to suit your individual needs.

Within the scope of a so-called “planned emergency,” we work together closely with our customers to develop tailor-made contingency plans. If a disruption in the supply chain does occur, e.g. due to an assembly line standstill, ash cloud or snow storm, there is already a pre-planned contingency plan, which time:matters immediately puts into action. This saves our customers both time and money.