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Your Cargo Aircraft Charter Service from time:matters

Do you need to get bulky, heavy air freight to its destination in a short time? There is no regular direct flight available? Your shipment does not fit into the available aircraft? Do you need to deliver a time-critical shipment to a remote area?

Chartering a suitable aircraft is often the fastest and most efficient solution. Depending on the destination and freight, different types of aircraft can be ready for take-off within a very short time.

Air freight asap: Air Cargo Charter

Air Cargo Charter is a service provided by time:matters for bulky cargo when other means of transport, routes or partial charters on scheduled flights (Sameday AirGlobal Express Air Cargo) are not practical.

If transportation of your time-critical cargo cannot be done even with high-priority loading on scheduled flights, then cargo charter planes are the best option. In these cases, smaller aircraft are used most often, such as the Saab 340. This aircraft is operated by time:matters and is in daily use for our Spare Parts Logistics across Europe.

Your freight is in good hands

Bigger aircraft can also be chartered as cargo planes. From a Beech King Air to a Cessna Citation to a Boeing 777 or a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 – time:matters charters the aircraft in the shortest possible time. Cargo planes are designed for the fast and safe handling of your shipment.

In times of capacity shortages, cargo can also be transported with passenger aircraft turned into freighter (also known as “preighters” or “Pax freighter”). During the corona crisis in particular, time:matters successfully carried out numerous transports with cargo-only passenger charter.

With time:matters, you can profit from our expertise in the time-critical and sensitive air freight business. By operating our own terminals at the airfreight hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, we can offer you particularly short handling times.

Remote destinations, which do not have a regular flight service, can often only be reached via an air cargo charter flight to the nearest airport.

Under the following circumstances, an air cargo charter service is often the best and fastest solution:

  • The manufacturing process of an OEM is rearranged at short notice. Flexible and fast delivery of certain products to the manufacturing site is required.
  • A line standstill requires that the parts supply be changed. The supply chain must be reorganized.
  • For winter testing of prototypes, a chartered aircraft brings both the engineering team including equipment and the test cars to their destination.
  • Air Charter can be a faster option for transporting particularly time-critical freight as a “bypass” for regular flights.

We take care of the entire process, starting with the coordination of the destinations, flight permits, provision of loading equipment and safety precautions. On request, we can also arrange for pick-up, customs clearance and delivery of the freight at its destination.

We work closely with our approved partners worldwide. For customs clearance in Europe, we rely on our subsidiary CB Customs Broker to provide you and your customers with well-rehearsed and software-supported processes.

During the entire transport, we inform you proactively about the current status. This way you always know where your freight is at any given time.

Our Customer Service is available to you around the clock, every day of the year. Our emergency logistics experts will find a suitable air charter that meets your individual requirements, thus providing flexible and fast transport solutions.


What is an Air Cargo Charter?

If an air cargo transport cannot be handled by a scheduled flight, then a company’s own aircraft can be chartered at short notice, to carry out the transport.

How fast can my shipment be delivered by Air Cargo Charter Service?

Air cargo charter transports are planned and carried out individually. Depending on the destination and cargo, a wide variety of cargo aircraft are available within a very short time.

Which destinations are covered by the Air Cargo Charter service?

Chartered cargo flights can fly to worldwide destinations as required.