Next Flight Out (NFO)

Worldwide express air freight on all passenger and cargo aircraft.

When it comes to highly urgent shipments, time:matters offers our Global Express Air freight solution: A flexible logistics solution with the highest shipment quality and high loading priority. Your freight can be transported worldwide on passenger and cargo planes. We connect 300 destinations in over 100 countries to this fast service, which stands out with its short handling times. Global express air freight can be booked with pick-up, delivery and customs clearance (door-to-door) if desired.

No matter whether you need to replace defective production machines or wait for urgent spare parts in the event of an impending line standstill – thanks to highly efficient logistics processes, we enable short handling times at the departure and arrival airports. A further time-saving advantage in import and export is the fast transit (from 40 minutes) by direct reloading of the freight from aircraft to aircraft (tail-to-tail). In this way, time-critical shipments reach the recipient quickly and reliably.

Key features

Why we are the right partner for express air freight


Higher loading priority than express cargo, single-shipment handling


Physical supervision of shipments being loaded at the apron area in Frankfurt (FRA) and Munich (MUC).


No weight limit

Next flight out (NFO) benefits

NFO is fast

  • Late acceptance and early availability starting from 90 minutes prior to departure /after arrival
  • Priority loading
  • Shortest transit times starting from 40 minutes through direct transfer from aircraft to aircraft

NFO is reliable

  • No consolidation with other shipments
  • Active monitoring and physically supervised loading at the apron area
  • Proactive status information
  • Recovery process in case of disruptions

NFO has got you covered

  • 300 destinations in more than 100 countries
  • Global access to all availale airlines, passenger and cargo flights

NFO transports

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods with classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 possible
  • Bookable worldwide
  • Fastest handling times for Dangerous Goods: Import starting at 90 minutes, Export starting at four and a half hours and transit times of two and a half hours
  • Maximum of 10 pieces and 3 UN-numbers per air way bill (AWB)

NFO transports

  • Pickup, delivery and customs clearance upon request
  • Regardless of weight and size: loaded as bulk, in separate containers or on pallets
  • 24/7 availability of our logistics experts

Next flight out: Fast, safe, reliable

Dedicated monitoring teams with apron access ensure seamless physical monitoring of the shipment during loading in Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC) and Brussels (BRU). Proactive status updates provide continuous information on the exact location of your air cargo – whether on the apron or during transport. Transports by our global express freight flights are not consolidated with other shipments. The size and weight of the cargo is variable depending on the type of aircraft used. Loading is also variable: we can transport your freight on pallets, in separate containers or loose.

With the express shipping of dangerous goods, time:matters even realizes the fast and safe transport of dangerous goods (DGR) of the classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. The handling of dangerous or hazardous goods is particularly fast at the hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Brussels. At Frankfurt Airport, time:matters sets new standards for high-speed logistics of dangerous goods with an import time of one and a half hours and an export time of four and a half hours. With time:matters you can ship dangerous goods worldwide!

Next flight out examples

  • Prague – Hong Kong in 16h 45min including handling: Drop-off in PRG until 19:00, pickup in HKG already at 17:30
  • Delhi – Frankfurt in 12h including handling and delivery: Drop-off in DEL until 2:00, delivery in Frankfurt already at 9:30
  • Munich – San Francisco in 12h 30min including pickup and handling: Pickup in Munich until 14:05, pickup in SFO starting at 21:35

Special Speed Solutions

Express air freight: Special speed logistics “in action”

NFO for the automotive industry

An automotive supplier from Munich builds gas springs that are used for the tailgates of cars. To be closer to the customer, they have set up a production plant in the border town of El Paso in Texas. One of the machines that fills the gas into the gas springs breaks down unexpectedly. The required spare part cannot be found within the USA, but must be brought quickly from Munich to Texas. Otherwise there is a risk of production stoppage and thus also a line standstill at the car manufacturer. The call to time:matters is made in the middle of the night, but since the customer service is available 24/7, plans for the transport can be made immediately. A courier personally picks up the spare part in Munich at four in the morning and brings it directly to the time:matters Cargo Terminal at Munich Airport.

The solution: Next flight out

Even before the sun rises, the spare part is loaded onto a Lufthansa aircraft with destination Atlanta (ATL). From Atlanta there is a connecting flight directly to El Paso. Since Texas is in the Central Time Zone and Georgia is in the Eastern Time Zone, the spare part arrived at El Paso Airport just two hours later, despite the three-hour domestic American flight. A courier driver is already standing by to take the shipment to the factory as quickly as possible. The repair technicians have dismantled the machine to such an extent that the part only needs to be inserted. This means that production can be restarted much faster – thanks to Global Express air freight.

FAQ about Global Express Air Freight

What is global express air freight?

Via global express air freight, urgent air cargo can be quickly transported to distant destinations. Shipments are sent by passenger or freight aircraft. The time:matters network delivers your urgent air freight to 300 destinations in over 100 countries worldwide.

How quickly will my shipment be delivered using express air freight?

Global express air freight shipments enjoy loading priority and can be accepted up to 90 minutes before departure. As a rule, shipments are available 90 minutes after arrival. Transit times of 40 minutes or more are possible with direct reloading from aircraft to aircraft (tail-to-tail).

Can dangerous goods also be transported in compliance with de DGR by express air freight?

Worldwide and safe transport of dangerous goods is possible for classes 2-6 as well as 8 and 9. Up to 10 packages and 3 UN numbers are allowed per AWB (air waybill).

Which locations can be reached by express air freight?

Express air freight can be shipped worldwide. The time:matters network includes 300 destinations in over 100 countries to make ensure urgent international transport. Individual solutions are also possible if required.