Sameday Road

Direct transport by car without size and weight limitations, door-to-door, at any time.

The door-to-door solution

Sometimes a delivery by courier has to reach its destination on a direct route. For this purpose, we at time:matters can rely on a network of professional direct couriers and courier drivers as well as the appropriate vehicles (truck, car, caddy, van, tarpaulin sprinter, etc.).

Within the shortest possible time after receiving your request, the optimal route is planned, the freight is picked up on site in a timely manner and delivered punctually to the recipient via direct delivery. A direct delivery can be an ad hoc solution for an emergency or a (planned) supplement to other logistical measures.

What is a direct delivery?

A direct delivery by courier service is an exclusive door-to-door transport without transshipment and detours. time:matters organizes direct trips for all branches or industries, regardless of the destination. Your shipment is always transported directly from A to B. In this way, your time-critical freight reaches its destination by the fastest route.

Courier direct delivery


  • A spare part must be shipped quickly from the Czech Republic to Denmark, otherwise there is a risk of production downtime
  • Bulky goods have to be brought to a construction site in Portugal in a timely manner
  • An exhibition wall must be brought to a trade fair asap


What is a dedicated road service?

By means of direct delivery, goods are transported from A to B without a detour and without changing the means of transport. The means of transport used is irrelevant but cars or trucks are often used for this purpose.

How quickly can my shipment be delivered with a dedicated road service?

The exact delivery time depends on the origin, destination and the weight, size and type of goods. As soon as a request is received, the fastest route is determined to transport your shipment by direct delivery to the desired destination.

Which means of transport can be used for Direct Delivery?

Depending on the size and weight of the shipment, different vehicles are available, including truck, car or van.