The fastest possible transport for the high-tech and semiconductor industry.

The high-tech and semiconductor industries are incredibly fast-paced sectors. The complex technology associated with the sensitive products is constantly subject to further development – something that is cutting-edge today, may perhaps be out-of-date tomorrow. Precisely this has been confirmed recently by current discussions about being on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution. According to this trend, which has been driven by the internet, the real and virtual worlds will continue to merge. The result is a strong individualization of products, a more flexible production, the extensive incorporation of customers and business partners into business and value-added processes, as well as the coupling of production and high-quality services.

An optimized and secure logistics chain is a crucial competitive factor, especially for those products with very brief lifecycles, as it ensures the just-in-time supply of production lines on a global level. In addition to preventing longer standstill periods when plants are being equipped with new Industry 4.0 technology.

time:matters offers the following advantages:

  • 24/7 availability for the acceptance and booking of time-critical shipping orders
  • Next flight out service with priority capacity access
  • An extensive network plus numerous partners for comprehensive coverage including pickup, delivery and customs clearance throughout Europe and worldwide
  • Shortest transport and transit times
  • Proactive tracking of all shipments
  • The services provided in connection with Sameday Air and Express Air Freight represent an economical alternative to classic On Board Couriers, while offering comparable security and speed

  • Customized emergency and logistics solutions, adjusted to suit your individual customer demand and production capacity.


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