Emergency Logistics Glossary

What does AOG mean?

What does AOG mean?

Aircraft on Ground means that a plane can not fly for technical reasons. For everyone involved – the airline, passengers and senders of airfreight – this is a troubling scenario. A grounded airplane creates delays in air traffic, cancelation of flights und unhappy customers. This can get very expensive and generates daily costs in the six- and seven-digit area.

AOG – emergency logistics to the rescue

In a case like this the emergency logistics comes as the saviour from dire need. Especially in an Aircraft on ground-situation, the fast delivery of spare parts is essential. That is why AOG has become a byword for particularly urgent shipments. With this attribute, everyone involved knows that every minute is of importance.

How airmates On Board Couriers help

In the case of an AOG the airmates On Board Couriers are ready to bring the desperately needed spare parts as fast as possible to the grounded plane to have it repaired, thus keeping the costs and the unhappiness of the passengers at a minimum. We manage the entire shipment process and deliver the spare parts in person to any destination worldwide, which guarantees an efficient and secure process.