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Fastest possible transport for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries.


The secure transport of time-critical shipments has become increasingly important for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries, as well as for the healthcare system. In addition to factors such as medical urgency and competitive pressure, legal regulations must be upheld in the process. Therefore, a professional transport partner is essential.

For healthcare:

  • Timely provision of life-sustaining preparations (e.g. organ transplants and hematopoietic products).
  • Prompt screening of samples in a central laboratory enable earlier diagnosis (e.g. for patient care).
  • Adherence to statutory deadlines (e.g. for the timely storage of umbilical cord blood or evaluation of doping tests).

For research & development:

  • Supporting the success of clinical studies through the reliable transport of sensitive diagnostic specimens to laboratories.
  • Acceleration of experiments: Through the sameday transport of biological specimens – therefore ensuring results are available for further processing the next morning.
  • Optimization of the production and delivery chain for groceries through fast laboratory findings (e.g. food contaminant monitoring).

time:matters offers the following advantages:

  • 24/7 availability for the acceptance and booking of all types of time-critical shipping orders
  • A comprehensive network plus several partners for European and worldwide transports, including pickup, delivery and customs clearance
  • Shortest transport and transit times enable sameday deliveries
  • Proactive tracking and active monitoring of all shipments
  • Transports of passively cooled products and specimens in different temperature ranges
  • Shipment of UN3373 (biological specimens – Category B) possible
  • Availability of medically trained On-Board Couriers
  • Specialist teams for individual support of particularly sensitive projects from customers (e.g. stem cell transplantations)
  • Tailor-made transport solutions for routine shipping of specimens throughout the world
  • Back-up solutions in case of disruptions during transport
  • Documentation and temperature analysis for quality assurance purposes
  • Routine auditing by non-profit organizations from the healthcare sector


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