Sameday Air

Worldwide same day air shipping.

Bringing an extremely urgent shipment to an international destination by air freight on the same day is the most demanding case of express shipping.

As experts for high-performance logistics, we have a global network of Sameday stations in Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia. Thanks to highly efficient logistics processes, shortest handling and transit times and numerous partner airlines, your freight reaches the recipient quickly and smoothly. On request we offer individual solutions for collection, delivery and customs clearance.

Key features of Sameday Air

Why we are the right partner for time-critical transport solutions

Handling times

Transit starting from 40 minutes, import and export from 45 minutes


Higher loading priority than express cargo, single-shipment handling


More than 20 partner airlines as well as >100 courier and handling partners

Sameday Air benefits

Sameday Air is fast

  • Sameday shipments throughout Europe and to/from Israel, the U.S., Mexico, China, Singapore, Thailand and Japan
  • Straightforward, fast processing
  • Late acceptance and early availability: from 45 minutes prior to departure/after arrival
  • Higher loading priority than express cargo
  • Fast transit starting from 40 minutes through direct aircraft-to-aircraft transfer

Sameday Air is reliable

  • No consolidation, no mixed loading with other cargo
  • Active shipment monitoring
  • Proactive status information
  • Recovery process in case of disruptions

Sameday Air has got you covered

  • Over 100 stations in Europe and Israel
  • Stations in Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo
  • 7 stations in China (Shanghai, Shenyang, Beijing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Chengdu, Guangzhou)
    16 stations in the U.S. and Mexico for international transport
  • 100 stations for US domestic transport
  • More than 20 partner airlines
  • Over 100 courier partners for pickup and delivery

Sameday Air shipping

  • Pickup, delivery and customs clearance upon request
  • 24/7 availability of logistics experts
  • Weight: <300 kg chargeable weight per shipment
  • Restrictions: no dangerous goods (DGR); biological specimens – Category B (UN3373) possible


  • Prague – Tel Aviv within 15h 15min including pickup and delivery (pickup in Prague by 6:00, delivery in Tel Aviv at 22:15)
  • Read in Lufthansa Cargo’s customer magazine “Planet”, how time:matters accelerates the supply chain of our customer Carl Zeiss.

Sameday Air success stories

Budapest – Irving, TX: 20 h

After long negotiations, a large oil company has concluded a contract with an American energy company. For legal reasons, the confidential contract documents must be moved very quickly from Budapest to Irving, Texas.

At five o’clock in the morning, the time:matters courier partner collects the document containing several hundred pages in Budapest and brings it immediately to the airport.

The contract arrives at the company headquarters in Irving at 6:00 p.m. the same evening and the deadline for signing is met.

Budapest – Irving, TX, from 20h including pick-up and delivery.

Frankfurt – Manchester: 4 h 45 min

A large pharmaceutical and chemical group from Frankfurt has set up a production site for medication in Manchester to be able to supply the English and Irish markets promptly. However, a large special centrifuge, a brand new development of the pharmaceutical giant, breaks down during the test run; the required spare parts are currently only available in Frankfurt.

In order to be able to meet the production start date the next day, time:matters is commissioned to bring the rare spare parts from Frankfurt to Manchester immediately.

A courier picks up the delivery and brings it with great haste to the Frankfurt (FRA) freight terminal. Here, time:matters has a starting advantage: access to the apron, its own courier terminal, direct access to the Lufthansa network.

In no time at all, the spare parts delivery is loaded onto the next flight to Manchester, just before the plane takes off. A courier is also available in Manchester to receive the shipment and deliver it directly to the factory. The technicians and engineers who developed this machine immediately get to work and install the spare parts. The next test run works perfectly, to the relief of all concerned. The production start date can be met as planned.

Connecting Europe, Asia, America

We’ll make it work today!

You have an urgent international shipment that needs to be delivered to your US subsidiary or production facility today? In addition to Chicago, Los Angeles and New York (JFK and Newark), we fly to another 13 locations in the US and Mexico.

The Asian economic centres in China, Japan (Tokyo), Thailand (Bangkok) and Singapore are also connected to our Sameday Air network. With seven stations of our own, the economic centres near the coast of China and the capital Beijing are particularly easy to reach for sameday logistics needs.

time:matters has exclusive capacity access through cooperation with numerous airlines. Your urgent shipment of up to 300 kg (CWT / chargeable weight) thus enjoys a higher loading priority than standard express freight.

With more than one hundred freight stations in Europe and Israel, we have created a dense international sameday delivery network with high coverage. We deliver your freight with the highest speed and reliability within Europe.

Sameday Air US domestic network

With our office in Miami, Florida, time:matters increases its coverage for air freight within the United States. Now, your cargo can be shipped to 100 domestic destinations with our Sameday Air service. Your shipments will be transported with the fastest handling and transit times and highest loading priority.

Plus: We offer individual pick-up and delivery.

Within the US domestic network, 100 airports are now available for your shipments up to 200 lbs / 90 kg.
Maximum size per package: 90 inches / 228 cm (Length + Width + Height).

time:matters has more than 15 years of experience in the Sameday business, transporting time-critical shipments worldwide and reliably every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!


What is Sameday Air Delivery?

Using Sameday Air Service, time-critical shipments of goods are delivered quickly and reliably to their destination using the next possible flight.

How can I book a Sameday Air transport?

You can book a Sameday Air Transport conveniently online.

What delivery times can I expect from the Sameday Air service?

The exact times depend on the specific delivery and whether the goods are to be picked up, delivered and cleared through customs additionally. At all Sameday Air stations, optimized processes ensure extremely fast transit (from 40 minutes) as well as the shortest handling times for import / export.

For which destinations is Sameday Air delivery possible?

Sameday Air deliveries with time:matters are possible worldwide. We have a dense network of sameday stations and partner airlines in Europe and Israel, the USA and Asia. For US domestic Sameday shipments alone, for example, we have 100 stations connecting all the major economic centers in the USA.

What is the maximum weight that can be transported with Sameday Air?

With Sameday Air shipments up to 300kg can quickly be shipped worldwide.