Emergency Logistics Glossary

What does Value Added Services (VAS) mean?

Value Added Services: definition and explanation

Value Added Services are also called premium services. Many logistics service companies do not restrict themselves to transporting goods, but offer their customers services like picking, packing and quality control. The shipment with an On Board Courier by airmates is a Value Added Service as well.

Value Added Services (VAS) are usually exactly tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer. In most cases, it is an effort to create a more efficient supply chain. But there are other VAS in logistics that are not about optimising the supply chain.

Supply chain optimisation with VAS

The whole supply chain can be optimized by Value Added Services. Logistics companies take on additional tasks apart from transport, handling and warehousing:

  • assembly
  • repairs
  • packaging and re-packaging
  • handling of return shipments and reclamations
  • quality control
  • shipment tracking

There are also Value Added Services in the classic logistics tasks that logistics providers offer their customers:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • On Board Couriers for urgent and sensitive shipments
  • customs handling

Modular Value Added Services

Value Added Services can be booked on top of a basic service in a modular way. This way a customer can get exactly the service he needs. For the service provider in logistics that means highly specialized offers, like offering a cold chain for frozen products. In the case of airmates, it is a specialisation on highly sensitive and urgent shipments. Thanks to that specialisation, we can offer the know-how in emergency logistics and give our customers the best possible service and maximum reliability.