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The fastest possible transport for required spare parts.

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Aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situations call for an immediate response and the fastest possible transport of the required spare parts, as idle periods and downtimes can cause substantial costs and endanger airlines’ operating schedules.

The same applies for periods of aircraft maintenance (MRO), the repair and replacement of OEM or PME/EPA parts, as well as the servicing of engines or equipment – short transport times enable the fastest possible installment of repair parts and therefore represent a considerable competitive advantage.

time:matters offers the following advantages:

  • 24/7 availability for the acceptance and booking of time-critical shipping orders
  • An extensive network plus numerous partners for comprehensive coverage including pickup, delivery and customs clearance throughout Europe and worldwide

  • Next flight out service with priority capacity access
  • Shortest transport and transit times
  • Proactive tracking of all shipments
  • The services provided in connection with Sameday Air and Express Air Freight represent an economical alternative to classic On Board Couriers, while offering comparable security and speed.
  • Organization of an On Board Courier upon request
  • Possibility of add-on services such as airside delivery


Transport for required spare parts


Your expert partner for time critical transports of aircraft parts, components and AOGs worldwide, anytime.