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Transportation of confidential data to France via On Board Courier

Our mission was to transport extremely sensitive data

The challenge

An international company operating in the food industry had just sold one of the company’s sub-divisions in France. Highly confidential data had to be conveyed to the buyer in order to conclude the deal. With the data centre located in the UK, however, how would the data get from the UK to France?

The transport

A digital transfer was ruled out from the start as there was too much data involved and not enough line capacity. The physical data carriers would have to be transported. The two most important criteria when selecting the right delivery method and transport service provider were 100% reliability and fully transparent end-to-end shipment tracking. That is why the accompanied transport route was chosen in the form of the time:matters On Board Courier service!

On the chosen transport day, our courier collected the data carriers early on from the data centre in the county of Berkshire. He then drove to London’s Heathrow Airport, from where he flew to Paris Charles De Gaulle at around midday. On arrival, he continued his journey towards the destination: a small village in Normandy on the north coast of France. A personal handover was arranged on the phone with the final recipient, who was able to take receipt of his important consignment late in the evening.

The result

A smooth transport experience, a delighted customer and a happy recipient.

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