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On Board Couriers (OBC)

Personally accompanied hand carry courier service for extremely urgent shipments.

Sameday air

OBC courier for your logistical emergency

Do you have a particularly urgent or sensitive shipment that requires maximum speed and absolute reliability? A clear case for our airmates On Board Couriers (OBC)!

In case of logistical emergencies, our airmates will accompany your time-critical urgent shipment to its destination on the next available scheduled flight. A permanent, personal monitoring of the shipment is guaranteed. More than 12,000 professional couriers in over 50 countries are available in our global network for personally accompanied transport.

Key features of On Board Courier

As fast as possible and 100% safe. Our OBC service

Fastest offer

Best offer in less than a minute. Fastest transport on the next available flight.

Best price

Hundreds of flight connections scanned in seconds to get the most favorable price.


More than 12,000 airmates located on 6 continents in more than 50 countries.

On Board Courier benefits


  • Experienced and trustworthy airmates, verified and trained by time:matters.


If the maximum dimensions for hand luggage are exceeded, the transported goods can also be loaded as passenger baggage with the highest priority

24/7/365 availability

  • 24/7 availability of our experienced logistics experts for an optimal coordination of the entire transport.


  • Proactive monitoring and GPS tracking during the entire transportation process.

Handcarry transport examples

When it comes to the safe delivery of your urgent shipment, we do not compromise on safety, reliability or speed. Our global network consists of flight couriers who undergo a rigorous suitability test in advance. They are carefully prepared by us for the job. All emergency couriers have the necessary entry permits, sound language skills and many years of travel experience.


What is an On Board Courier (OBC)?

An On Board Courier (OBC) personally escorts particularly urgent air cargo on board the aircraft, be it packages, hard drives or urgently needed documents. The onboard courier service uses scheduled aircraft for this purpose and serves destinations worldwide.

How quickly can my shipment be delivered by On Board Courier?

Urgent shipping is carried out on the next available scheduled flight, regardless of the airline. The On Board Couriers themselves are available on call and can be deployed at short notice. You can book an On Board Courier directly via our online platform.

Which destinations do On Board Couriers deliver to?

The time:matters On Board Courier service uses scheduled aircraft of all airlines and serves all international destinations. Our global network includes over 12,000 multilingual couriers who are immediately available on 6 continents and over 50 countries.

Who are the On Board Couriers?

Our onboard couriers have the necessary entry permits, sound language skills and many years of travel experience. After careful preparation, they accompany each urgent shipment reliably and safely to the desired destination.

How can I become an On Board Courier?

On you will find information about becoming an onboard courier. There you can register directly as a courier.