Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is Tracking in Logistics?

Tracking: definition and explanation

Logistics Tracking refers to the tracking of freight, parcels and mail. This is also referred to as Track & Trace.

With the help of tracking data, it is possible to trace which milestones a shipment has passed from the starting point to the destination and where a freight shipment or another delivery is currently located. This creates transparency in the transportation process and opens up opportunities for optimizing complex supply chains.

The shipper provides the freight with labels on which certain accompanying information are documented:

  • Information about the sender
  • Information about the recipient
  • Steering information

For air freight, the transport company uses a cargo label with the following information:

  • Barcode
  • Airway bill number
  • Origin / destination
  • number of pieces
  • weight

For shipping companies, it is important to know exactly when a shipment will be picked up and when it will arrive at its destination. Tracking ensures that all parties involved know the exact shipment status of a shipment – they know where a shipment is at all times.

Transparency in logistics services

Not only for the customer, but also for the business it is important to track where a shipment is at the moment. This way they can trace exactly the location of the shipment and can monitor the quality of the shipment service, so they can react to irregularities and optimize the shipping process.

What is a tracking number?

Customers of time:matters receive an order number with their booking. This serves as a tracking number. Customers can thus check the progress of the shipment at any time via online tracking. Whether tracking shipments abroad or within Germany – after entering the order number, customers have a direct overview of all transport steps and the current shipment status. Depending on the processing progress of the booking, the shipment status is displayed as follows:

  • Shipment requested / shipment in process
  • Shipment confirmed
  • Shipment started
  • Shipment arrived at destination
  • Shipment collected

Tracking for On Board Courier shipments

Automatically more efficient

For time-critical Hand Carry shipments, time:matters onboard couriers automatically receive all relevant information about a shipment in real time via an app. They can even enter detailed information about the delivery process directly into the system via app.

Tracking benefits

React quickly, avoid delays
Our system uses databases to obtain up-to-date information on flight delays and cancellations as well as direct feedback from all those involved along the transport chain. Any disruptions that may occur are thus identified at an early stage. Our customer service experts and the monitoring team can intervene promptly at any time in the event of irregularities and search for alternative means of transport and routes. Customers receive proactive status updates and are thus always up to date.

Shipment tracking and exclusive shipment monitoring ensure that urgent deliveries arrive. The automated time:matters tracking system adds transparency to the shipment process.