What is Tracking?

Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is Tracking?

Tracking helps to find out exactly where a shipment, a package or a letter is right now. This creates transparency in the shipment process and offers possibilities to optimize shipping services. To make a shipment trackable, it gets a machine-readable label with several specific information:

This includes:

  • information about the sender
  • information about the recipient
  • ident information
  • steering information

Transparency in logistics services

Not only for the customer, but also for the business it is important to know where a shipment is at the moment. This way they can trace exactly the location of the shipment and can monitor the quality of the shipment service, so they can react to irregularities and optimize the shipping process.

Tracking at airmates

At airmates, we have a wide-ranging automated tracking process. Our On Board Couriers get all relevant information about a shipment via our booking platform. Apart from that, they can add detailed information on the delivery process into the system themselves. Additionally, the system is receiving input about flight delays and cancellations from a separate database, so we can react fast to unforeseen developments. This way our customers are always up to date and can see where their urgent shipment is.

The automated tracking simplifies and accelerates the shipping process. As every tracking information is displayed via the booking system, we can save on time-consuming communication between the sender and the airmates On Board Couriers.