Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is a Hand Carry Service?

How does a Hand Carry transport work?

Hand Carry Service is the fastest transport option for logistical emergencies. Important documents, urgent spare parts and other shipping goods are personally accompanied all the way from sender to recipient. As a rule, a Hand Carry courier will only take time-critical, particularly sensitive or business-relevant goods on board the aircraft. Since these are very often very urgent shipments, time:matters has made the upstream booking process particularly simple and especially fast:

  • The sender can book a courier online
  • time:matters confirms the solution requested by the customer or proposes alternatives
  • The courier picks up the shipment in person
  • The personal courier accompanies the shipment to the destination

What are the advantages of Hand Carry Transport?

A courier service using Hand Carry delivery service is always an excellent choice when it comes to the (worldwide) reliable express shipment of particularly time-critical or sensitive goods. The range of industries that can benefit from Hand Carry courier service is broad. It comprises Life & Health and MedTech as well as Aviation & Aerospace, Machinery & Components, Automotive, Fashion and High-Tech.

Transport by Hand Carry Service is usually carried out on scheduled commercial flights and

  • uses carefully selected and specially trained couriers,
  • takes place with the Next Flight Out (NFO),
  • is a transport solution that is as reliable as it is flexible in use.

Accompaniment by the On Board Courier (or NFO Courier) ensures maximum security and integrity of the shipment. The courier personally performs all tasks related to shipment documentation and customs clearance. To save time, express shipping by Hand Carry usually includes collection of the shipment from the sender’s premises – meaning Hand Carry Service comprises shipment from door to door.