Comprehensive programme helps to ensure compliance

Compliance describes all measures taken to ensure the correct conduct of companies, their management and staff with respect to statutory and the Company’s own obligations and prohibitions. The Lufthansa Group Compliance Programme is intended to prevent staff and the Company from coming into conflict with the law and at the same time to help them to apply statutory regulations correctly.

The Lufthansa Compliance Program is made up of the following elements:

Competition, Capital Markets, Integrity, Embargo and Corporate Compliance. An ombudsman system gives staff the opportunity to report any suspicion of criminal activity or breaches of the compliance regulations. The central Compliance Office, which reports to the Board member responsible for Human Resources and Legal, the various central and local compliance committees in the Lufthansa Group and the Compliance Officers in Group companies, among others, ensure that the Lufthansa Compliance Program is enforced throughout all companies in the Lufthansa Group by means of regular online training courses and information published on the intranet. The Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board is notified semi-annually of incidents and progress concerning compliance in a Compliance Report.

Whistleblowing system

Economic crimes and other illegal business practices are extremely damaging for the Lufthansa Group. Your report can help detect misconduct, put an end to it and prevent damage from happening to the Lufthansa Group.

Please use our electronic whistleblowing system or contact our ombudsperson in case of reasonable suspect.

Contact details can be found here.

Last modified: June 9, 2021