Special shoes urgently needed – when time matters…

Recently we received a booking request for the transport of urgently needed shoes. Until then, daily business and a routine order.

The challenge

But the shoes were very special. A well-known player of the French National Football Team needed his customized shoes for a game which took place the next day. The transport could be organized very quickly. The shipment had been picked-up at a shoe manufacturer near Nuremberg and had been transported directly to Munich Airport. After an export handling time of 60 minutes only, the shipment was loaded on the next flight to Charles-De-Gaulle airport. In Paris the shoes could be handed over to the courier for the final delivery after a very short import handling of 45 minutes. The shoes were delivered directly to the Centre National du Football, the training facility for the French national team and handed over to the player on time.

Using Sameday Air we were able to deliver the time critical shipment in less than 8 hours – and by the way the French National Team won their game the next day.

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