Emergency Logistics Glossary

What does Lean Management mean?

Lean Management in logistics: definition and examples

Lean Management is a management strategy that is seeking reduction. Lean Management uses methods, procedures and ways of thinking to optimize processes. It encourages a process oriented business management, where all processes and workflows are exactly defined and coordinated to achieve the best possible efficiency.

Goals of Lean Management

Lean Management was developed on the basis of Lean Production.
The goals of Lean Management are:

  • avoid or minimize waste
  • elimination of redundancies
  • harmonizing of processes

The focal points of lean management are customer orientation and cost reduction. The basic idea is creating value without waste. For that goal, all activities in the value creation chain are perfectly aligned with each other, redundant activities are prevented. Optimizing happens from a customers perspective as well as from the business itself and its profitability.

Lean Management in human resources

Lean Management is not just an organizing principle for management and production, but for human resources as well. Staff members are integrated in the process optimisation. This helps to reach their full potential, and also motivates the staff members to engage in finding ideas for further improvements.

Lean Management and logistics

Lean Management affects logistics as well. Just-in-Time production is one tool to implement Lean Management. Digitalization, which is especially deep reaching in logistics, helps to implement Lean Management and to tighten the processes in logistics.