Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is ATLAS and what is it for?

Definition: ATLAS (Automatisiertes Tarif- und lokales Zollabwicklungssystem

ATLAS (Automatisiertes Tarif- und lokales Zollabwicklungssystem) is an IT-based procedure of the German customs administration. With this system, cross-border trade is automatically registered, cleared and monitored.

ATLAS simplifies and accelerates the customs procedures, which helps the On Board Couriers as well. The electronic procedure saves a lot of official correspondence and therefore time. ATLAS was introduced in 2009, since then all export declarations must be done with this system. For import declarations it is mandatory since 2016.

The advantages of ATLAS in the emergency logistics

When things have to be done in a hurry, which applies especially to emergency logistics and spare parts logistics, an uncomplicated processing of customs modalities is important. Here the ATLAS system has some big advantages.

The advantages of ATLAS are:

  • fast processing of customs modalities over the IT system
  • easy processing of cross-border trade
  • environmentally friendly because of less use of paper

When every second counts, as in the case of our On Board Couriers, a system like ATLAS can be very helpful. This way we can be highly time efficient to bring your shipment to its destination as fast as possible.

Workflow with ATLAS

The application at customs is done electronically via ATLAS. A clearance notification is transferred that way to the customs office as well. Usually in a few minutes, you receive a register number and the export accompanying document as a pdf document. A risk analysis will be done automatically. The export procedures are finalized with an output notice of the customs administration. As all this is fully automated, this procedure can be done 24/7 and saves time.