20 years of special speed logistics.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us


20 years of special speed logistics

We connect the world every day to save time, money and lives when it matters most to our customers.

20 years ago, the foundation of time:matters had been driven by the increasing demand for global transportation of time-critical goods.

20 years later, we still successfully rise to this challenge every day, 24/7.

What started 2 decades ago as a spin-off from Lufthansa Cargo has now matured into a global logistics provider with offices in Europe, the US and Asia. We keep growing thanks to loyal customers and a dedicated, passionate staff. We have been adding industry expertise to customer centricity and we are constantly expanding our network, further developing digital booking channels and investing in sustainability.

This year, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. And the celebration will last throughout the year. It will be packed with numerous activities, so make sure you stay tuned and come back to this page or visit our Social Media Channels. There will be raffles with great prizes, lots of interesting infos on current and future topics and videos from our management, from staff all over the world, from customers and stakeholders.

Do join us on a journey through the time:matters history and accompany us into the time:matters future!

Let’s celebrate together “20 years time:matters”.

Facts & Figures

Highlights and milestones from the time:matters company history

  1. Establishment of time:matters GmbH

  2. Start of ic:kurier service:
    Exclusive cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

  3. Establishment of the Special Service Desk

  4. Start of the internationalization strategy in Europe

  5. Establishment of time:matters Spare Parts Logistics GmbH
    Opening of the Courier Terminal at Frankfurt Airport

  6. Expansion of the internationalization strategy in Asia

  7. Internationalization of ic:kurier:
    Opening of first station in Paris

  8. Internationalization:
    Opening of a Special Service Desk in Sharjah/Dubai

  9. Establishment of time:matters Same Day Delivery: Lieferfactory

  10. Spin-off LieferFactory GmbH

  11. ISO 9001:2015 certification:
    time:matters Netherlands B.V.
    time:matters Spare Parts Logistics GmbH

  12. Launch of the On Board Courier platform "time:matters airmates"

  13. Sameday Air network extension U.S. / Mexico
    Acquisition of CB Customs Broker GmbH and Customs Broker Cargo Handling GmbH

  14. Establishment of time:matters Courier Terminals GmbH

  15. AEO Certification:
    time:matters GmbH

  16. ISO 9001:2015 certification:
    time:matters GmbH

  17. Establishment of time:matters (Shanghai) International Freight Forwarding Ltd.
    Network expansion in China

  18. Sameday Air network expansion:
    To/from Japan, Bangkok and Singapore

  19. Establishment of time:matters Americas, Inc.

  20. Launch of the Sameday Air US domestic network (100 stations)

  21. Launch of offer and booking platform

  22. ISO 9001:2015 certification:
    time:matters (Shanghai) International Freight Forwarding Ltd.

  23. We celebrate 20 years of Special Speed logistics

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