Personally accompanied transport.

Please follow the link to fill in the OBC request form and receive your offer.

On-Board Courier Request Form

Need to transport an extremely urgent and highly sensitive shipment requiring continuous, personal surveillance? Our carefully selected On-Board Couriers (OBCs) are trained to transport important goods from all kinds of industries by air as passengers. By personally accompanying your goods and using the next available flight on all airlines, we maximise the speed and security of your shipment.




  • Use of the next available flight on all airlines
  • Highest loading priority
  • Shortest transit times
  • Latest acceptance and earliest availability of the shipment
  • Quote issued within 30 minutes
  • Simplified and accelerated processes, with OBCs enrolled in numerous frequent traveller programmes and the TSA PreCheck programme (US)



  • More than 1.000 couriers in 40 countries, of which 200 are specially trained for e.g. medical transports
  • Multilingual OBCs with entry permits for numerous countries
  • Temperature-controlled transports possible
  • If the maximum dimensions for hand luggage are exceeded, the transported goods can also be loaded as passenger baggage with the highest priority.



  • Careful selection of couriers by means of interviews, psychological aptitude tests and background checks
  • Adherence to the highest and most current standards, verified through yearly audits on behalf of different organizations from the Life & Health sector
  • Tracking and proactive status updates
  • Specially trained staff handle all of the planning and organise every detail of the travel, ensuring continuous surveillance of the entire transport



  • 24/7 availability for an optimal coordination of the entire transport
  • Booking requests can also be submitted via our new online platform, for simpler, faster transport enquiries



  • An automotive production line is at risk of grinding to a halt?
  • A major mechanical system is down?
  • An aircraft is grounded, awaiting an urgent AOG spare part?
  • Important papers or exhibits are missing a few hours before the opening of a trade fair?
  • Urgent documents or contracts have to be delivered as quickly as possible?
  • A medical emergency necessitates the fastest and safest possible transport of vital drugs?

Every second counts in an emergency.
You can submit your request simply and quickly using our web form. Our logistics experts will send you a personalised quote with the fastest and most efficient OBC transport within just a few minutes.

After that, we plan every travel detail precisely, including entry and customs requirements, and seamlessly handle all organisational matters. Our trained, professional couriers are always ready for take-off and accompany your shipment from pickup to delivery.

Thanks to precisely coordinated steps, an international network and couriers located all over the world, we achieve the fastest response times and superb quality and safety standards.

Examples of transportations via On-Board Courier:


Please follow the link to fill in the OBC request form and receive your offer.

On-Board Courier request form