Spare parts logistics and after-sale service

Efficient spare parts logistics thanks to a reliable in-night network.

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Spare Parts Logistics (SPL) is planned logistics in the event of component failure. Spare parts logistics from time:matters ensures a smooth and timely delivery of spare parts, because the failure of relevant components in machines, production facilities or medical technology causes high downtime costs.

time:matters SPL enables logistics managers to efficiently plan the supply chain (SCM) in after sales services. The precisely fitting delivery of required spare parts in the aftermarket to dealers and service technicians on site becomes cost-efficient and plannable with time:matters. The right parts get to where they are needed at the right time, according to demand.

Key features


Online real-time tracking and proactive communication through our regional Service Teams.


Company-operated flight network ensures a reliable transport as well as the necessary flexibility.


Road and flight networks, as well as processes and IT solutions, all tailored to suit the individual needs of the customer.

Spare Parts Logistics: Reliable and flexible

A comprehensive spare parts delivery can be implemented as part of regular business processes, because time:matters logistics solutions are highly efficient even in phases of intensive spare parts demand. Our extensive In-Night Express network is able to carry out customized and scheduled spare parts deliveries. Since the transport flights take place late in the evening, the freight can be delivered in the respective destination region the very next morning. For this purpose, we use our own cargo planes, which fly to destinations throughout Europe from Baden-Baden and Mannheim.

Night flights also have the advantage that the collection or delivery of the freight can also take place late in the evening, until 7 p.m. to the cargo plane. We also enable our customers to guarantee the supply of spare parts as part of Field Service Logistics – whether PUDO (pick-up and drop-off) or in-boot delivery. We can adapt our IT processes individually to customer requirements. The flexibility of time:matters also includes the supply of spare parts in the event of seasonal additional demand via the “Weekend Service”.



  • Late pickup and early delivery through short handling times
  • Next day delivery, even to remote regions through interconnected transport solutions
  • Availability in many countries already at night through collective post office boxes
  • ‘In-room’ delivery to the customer saves a trip to the receiving department


  • Proactive status information
  • EDI link for data communication purposes
  • Routine reporting
  • Individual smartphone applications


  • Guaranteed shipping within the company-operated flight network
  • Pre-defined alternative processes in case of unexpected disruptions
  • Certified regulated agent
  • Certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015


  • Point-to-point network without detours via large hubs
  • Company-operated European network to France, Italy, Scandinavia and Ireland as well as global partner networks to Great Britain and Spain

  • Worldwide airfreight solutions, for example to Russia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and China
  • Expansion of the network possible at any time through customized solutions

Additional Services

  • X-Ray
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Customs clearance
  • Heavy shipments
  • Return service

Spare Parts Logistics in operation

An example may illustrate our spare parts logistics service: An agricultural machinery manufacturer supplies its dealer network in Scandinavia with spare parts via our Spare Parts Logistics service. The manufacturer must ensure a fast and reliable supply of spare parts, because a tractor that does not work can lead to expensive work stoppages. The agricultural machinery manufacturer is also aware that there must be no downtime during critical harvest time.

A combine harvester is only used for a few weeks a year, but then it has to work around the clock. Therefore, this season, the “”Weekend Service”” ensures the supply of spare parts even on weekends. The customer can be sure that he is always informed about the whereabouts of his freight because he has direct access to our tracking technology. The customer’s confidence is also strengthened by our approval as a Regulated Agent by the German Federal Aviation Authority in Braunschweig and by our quality management certification according to ISO 9001:2015.