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Customs Clearance: Fast and competent

Every company importing goods from third countries into the EU or exporting goods to non-EU countries will find a complete service at CB Customs Broker: whether customs clearance and communication with customs authorities, customized digitalized customs solutions or inhouse customs training. From A to Z, CB Customs Broker offers a full range of customs clearance services.

Key features

CB Customs Broker

24/7 service tailored to your needs


Our specialists handle more than 50,000 shipments a month


Everything from customized solution concepts through to digitalized implementations

If it has to pass through customs quickl

For more than 25 years CB Customs Broker has been the competent partner for customs clearance of import and export goods by air, sea, rail and road. Professionals with a lot of experience in importing and exporting goods from and to non-EU countries. We take care of a fast, smooth and cost-effective customs clearance. Every month, 50,000 shipments are cleared through customs via CB Customs Broker.

CB Customs Broker has its own bonded warehouse with 1,500 square meters of storage space, a company-owned X-Ray center with several X-Ray devices, explosive sniffers, sniffer dogs and handsearch controls to get your goods through customs quickly and safely. Various certifications (Regulated Agent as well as AEO since 2013) enable the participation in simplified customs procedures. This speeds up customs clearance enormously. And if it’s really urgent, our own team of couriers, specialized in fast express freight handling, can deliver the shipment directly to the destination address.

Specialist for digital customs clearance

Particularly in the B2C (business-to-consumer) business, e-commerce has revolutionized the world of commerce, with more and more shipments being brought into the European Union from non-EU countries. This can result in hundreds of individual shipments to customers, which have to be prepared for customs clearance and accompanied through the customs process. CB Customs Broker has developed a software solution especially for eCommerce customs clearance in online trade. The software has pre-defined interfaces, highest security and encryption techniques and can be individually adapted to your needs thanks to its modular architecture.

Your import shipments are already cleared through customs while they are still in transit. Immediately after availability at the place of destination, the decision of customs is already available. Thanks to the software, you can thus significantly reduce your costs and time expenditure. The Track & Trace-capable system always sends the current status to your system via interface to constantly keep you up to date.


Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) customs broker time:matters


  • Customs clearance: all kinds of import and export customs clearance services incl. special procedures
  • Shipment transportation and distribution
  • Temporary storage of your cargo or shipments
  • X-ray center
  • Customs consulting
Flexible and fast customs clearance with time:matters


  • All standard customs procedures as well as complete solutions tailored to your needs: locally, globally, digitally
  • Customs clearance of air, road and rail cargo
Stopwatch time matters Special Speed Logistics


  • Fast, straightforward one-stop logistics solutions
  • Expansion of the time:matters supply chain – from individual shipping solutions to customs clearance
  • Delivery of cargo to its destination after successful customs clearance without loss of time
  • Pick-up of export shipment

Frequently asked questions about Customs Brokerage

Customs brokerage is involved in the import and export of goods to/from a customs territory. In logistics, customs brokerage is therefore often a central component.

To ensure the efficient customs clearance of a large volume of individual packages, as has been generated for years in global eCommerce, customs brokerage can also be automated. The CB Customs Broker software solution, for example, offers such a possibility.

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