Troisdorf/Neu-Isenburg, May 3, 2004 – Beginning May 3, TNT Express will be offering the latest pickup times for next-day shipments to the USA in the German
market. For the first time, an express services provider has pickup options until 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm throughout Germany. The product, called US Night Express, is
made possible through a partnership between time:matters GmbH, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG, and TNT Express GmbH.

Shipments are picked up late at night in Germany and delivered in the USA the next day. The partnership between TNT Express and time:matters gives customers the
latest pickup times currently available for USA shipments from Germany. US Night Express occupies the niche between an onboard courier and same day service and the standard products of the US integrator, which usually only accept next-day USA shipments until 3:00 pm at the latest.

TNT Express now picks up shipments to be delivered in the USA on the next day until 7:00 pm throughout Germany. Even for special late pickups until 10:00 pm, the express services provider guarantees delivery in the USA by the late afternoon of the next day. This is made possible by the partnership with the Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary time:matters, which flies to 14 US airports directly and as a consequence covers all of the important business centers in the USA. Connecting flights to another 40 US airports make it possible to deliver US Night Express shipments even to remote parts of the country.

Even when documents and materials go out as late as 1:00 am, on request TNT Express can deliver them to North America on the following day. “US Night Express is a product developed by our special services innovation experts,” explains Thomas Horst, Divisional Director Special Services at TNT Express GmbH. “This extremely flexible service is an example of how we are continuously taking highly demanding special shipments as a cue to develop effective standard products in order to redefine the possibilities of international express shipping.”

Commenting on the partnership, Franz-Joseph Miller, Managing Director of time:matters GmbH, said, “time:matters has developed logistics services that are unique worldwide in their combination of speed, reliability, and individual customizability to customer needs. The fact that TNT Express is offering an important new service based directly on the time:matters services confirms the uniqueness of our range.”

TNT Express is offering US Night Express throughout Germany as of May 3, 2004 for 390 euros and up plus V.A.T. The 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm options are available for set fees. The final prices already include special services such as customs clearance and delivery confirmation by phone. TNT Express has identified customers who are not satisfied with the early pickup times that competitors offer. US Night Express is suited for sending both goods and documents. In addition, the company is already prepared to operate a ‘High Availability’ warehouse at Frankfurt Airport as soon as it launches the service in order to transport goods to the USA overnight based on emergency logistics.