• time:matters airmates is a software-based platform for On Board Courier services

  • By accompanying particularly urgent and sensitive shipments worldwide, On Board Couriers are the most reliable transport option available

  • Fast quotes, maximum cost efficiency and a global courier network: airmates is shaking up the market with simple, fast online booking and a global network of professional couriers

Neu-Isenburg, 23 March 2017: With airmates, time:matters, the expert in worldwide Special Speed Logistics, is offering the accompanied transport of important shipments all over the world. On Board Couriers, or “airmates”, bring goods safely and reliably from door to door.

time:matters has long offered an On Board Courier service for especially sensitive or urgent shipments. What is now new is the complete digitization of the service offering for both customers and couriers. Using the On Board Courier platform, customers can input their shipment details and receive a complete quote in less than a minute, which can then be used to make an immediate online booking. All costs are included, from the transfer to the airport, tickets and the courier through to hotels. By optimizing processes and scaling the service globally, savings from cheaper flight tickets, for instance, can be passed on directly to customers.
Parallel to the flight search, suitable couriers are identified in real time from the database developed for airmates. The right couriers, available at short notice, are pinpointed via the specially developed app and informed about the order. They can then accept the mission directly using the app. Airmates selected for a transport order are often on the road within two hours. After a detailed briefing from time:matters, the courier usually picks up the consignment directly from the customer. He does not let it out of his sight again until it is handed over to the recipient. As time:matters is in constant contact with airmates through the app, it can keep customers updated.
time:matters only approves airmates for the platform following security screening and social referencing. All airmates also receive extensive training to prepare them for potential missions. As a next step, time:matters plans to introduce a performance system with an additional quality feature to further improve the selection of the right courier.
With access to more than 1,000 airmates in 46 countries, time:matters already offers a unique global courier network. By expanding internationally, time:matters plans to have certified airmates available at the 300 most important business centers worldwide by mid-2017.
Couriers can essentially transport anything accepted as hand luggage, as long as there are no country-specific import restrictions. If the item to be transported is too big to be carried as hand luggage, it can also be loaded as checked-in baggage. Spare parts from the aviation, automotive and medical technology industries as well as other sectors of industry are frequently transported. But sensitive documents and data on external storage media are also sent via courier. Leading multinationals convinced of the merits of the platform and its fast, reliable performance during the test phase are already availing of the time:matters airmates service.
“Having goods transported personally is an especially popular option for particularly urgent or sensitive shipments. These often involve critical situations such as a grounded aircraft, equipment failure or assembly line stoppage, when every minute counts”, explained Franz-Joseph Miller, CEO of time:matters. “By digitizing the business model on time:matters airmates, we can work far more efficiently and extend our global reach. This allows us to offer customers maximum speed with the greatest reliability and best price. This is the kind of innovation that sets us apart at time:matters.”