Berlin/Neu-Isenburg, May 25, 2004 – time:matters GmbH, a subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG, is introducing its strategy for intercontinental express services at the World Mail &
Express. The European trade conference with an exhibition takes place in Berlin from May 25 to 27. Together with Lufthansa Cargo, time:matters is one of the top sponsors of the
internationally renowned conference alongside Deutsche Post and neopost. Franz-Joseph Miller, Managing Director of time:matters GmbH, will give a presentation with the thoughtprovoking
title “Can Air Cargo Ever Be Better?” Among other things, he will talk about the unique role of special express services in relation to mail and air freight.

time:matters will also introduce its internationalization strategy at the conference. The core of the time:matters strategy outside of Europe is the expansion of the same:day and
courier:express services to North America and the Far East.

A few days ago, time:matters launched its same:day express courier service outside of Europe for the first time – with over 40 destinations in the USA. On the transatlantic route,
direct flights from Germany go to the business centers Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Another 25 destinations are reached with stopovers in Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. time:matters implemented the new express service for shipments that need to arrive on the same day in cooperation with United Airlines Cargo.

The new USA service offered in cooperation with TNT under the name US Night Express is already being actively used just a short time after its launch, which time:matters considers a
sign of the growing demand for special express and emergency services. This means the Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary has successfully started its market entry in the US logistics market. “time:matters stands for maximum speed, high reliability, extreme flexibility, and a high degree of customer orientation. These standards have proven effective in Europe, and now we’re transferring them to our intercontinental business,” says Franz-Joseph Miller, Managing Director of time:matters GmbH, in explaining the company’s strategy for international expansion.

In addition to the USA, time:matters is also expanding to Asia. In the Far East, time:matters is already present with special speed services in India (New Delhi and Bombay), Indonesia
(Jakarta), Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), on the Philippines (Manila), and in Thailand (Bangkok). Another country on the expansion agenda is China. time:matters Managing Director FranzJoseph
Miller anticipates the largest market growth in the Asian region in Beijing and Shanghai. Miller also sees considerable growth potential for express shipments from Hong Kong as well as from Southern India (Chennai/Madras). “Companies in this region working in industries like textiles and IT are already increasingly making use of our services.” On location, time:matters primarily works with the major regional courier companies in Asia. DHL and TNT are among the most important customers of time:matters in the Far East.