Neu-Isenburg/Munich, July 8, 2008 – time:matters, the special service provider for courier, sameday and emergency logistics which is part of the Lufthansa Group, has gained Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH (Munich) as a customer for the “time-critical spare parts logistics” segment. Following successful completion of a pilot phase that started in December 2007, time:matters has taken on the company’s time-critical spare parts supply for parts of Europe, with effect from April 1, 2008. Fujitsu Siemens Computers is the leading European IT infrastructure provider and at the same time market leader in Germany. The company offers a unique range of products – from notebooks through desktops to IT infrastructure solutions and services.

time:matters’ established Special Speed Solutions for especially urgent or particularly important shipments serve as the basis for the logistics solutions that were adapted specifically for
Fujitsu Siemens Computers. Furthermore, time:matters’ expertise in this segment provided the basis for Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ decision in favor of time:matters. A combination of road and air transport will be utilized for the high-speed transport of urgently needed spare parts from the central warehouses in Germany to Fujitsu Siemens Computers operations at German and European
destinations. The service, which is characterized by high flexibility and speed, allows for a multitude of different types of solutions as they are needed for various distinct situations: it therefore arranges customers according to zip code area or a specific time for each individual place of delivery, which represents the latest possible delivery time. One of the main service elements of the logistics solution is the option to, within Europe, combine an extremely late pick-up of the spare part in the evening with a particularly early delivery the next morning.

By using this solution, extreme flexibility and delivery speed are linked with a high degree of reliability and punctuality: therefore computer components, which for example had to be transported as quickly s possible from the Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ warehouse in the Rhine-Main region to one of the IT company’s service technicians in Skövde (Central Sweden), reached their destination in the form of a customer service technician on site, within merely nine hours after the order was placed. Such quick times are, for the most part, a result of transport solutions that are custom-tailored to suit the individual needs of Fujitsu Siemens Computers or their respective customers and can also be adjusted in the future if necessary.

Within the scope of service for Fujitsu Siemens Computers, time:matters combines elements of its existing service portfolio to form the complimentary service segment “time-critical spare parts
logistics.” For this, the logistics service provider not only draws on a standardized network, but also develops a customized solution according to the customer’s individual needs. The increasing need for spare parts logistics solutions, that are equally quick and reliable, arises mainly from the fact that more and more companies are abandoning local or decentralized means of storage in favor of centralized storage to subsequently reduce storage and capital commitment costs – while at the same time maintaining or to some extent even optimizing the high quality of service. Increasingly shorter product life cycles provide the backdrop for this development and these in turn are accompanied by a growing variety of spare parts that are constantly changing at an even faster pace. Therefore, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has concentrated the stored stock items, which must remain available as spare parts for the company’s products, to just two main storage facilities worldwide. Up until just a few years ago, the company stored these items in several warehouses located around the world.

Parallel to the optimization of the means of storage, companies increasingly view the quality, flexibility and speed of after-sales service as a decisive competitive factor: Since products from different manufacturers are becoming more similar to one another in terms of quality, after-sales service is, for a growing number of companies, turning into an ever more important way of distinguishing themselves from the competition. The service aspect is even more significant when potential costs associated with downtimes are considerably minimized by means of accelerated spare parts delivery.

“time:matters and its services significantly contribute to our ability to offer our customers a high quality of service when it comes to supplying them with time-critical spare parts, without at the same time having to increase our storage and capital commitment costs,” explains the logistics management of Fujitsu Siemens Computers. “Quality features in spare parts supply such as speed, reliability and flexibility are decisive advantages, in terms of strengthening the mutual trust to our existing customers and acquiring new ones,” he adds.

time:matters also sees expansion possibilities of a strategic nature for itself: “Spare parts logistics represent an equally logical and promising addition to our established sameday and emergency logistics solutions,” explains time:matters CEO Franz-Joseph Miller. The forward-looking combination of contract and ad-hoc logistics satisfies the need for an increasing amount of companies. Therefore, time:matters’ spare parts logistics service is to be made available to further customers in the near future.