Neu-Isenburg/Stockholm, April 18, 2007 – time:matters, Germany’s market leader for courier, sameday, and emergency logistics, is now offering its customers a sameday delivery service to and
from the Scandinavian region. The new service is a result of a close partnership recently established between time:matters and Jetpak, the market leader for sameday services in Scandinavia.

Due to the new partnership, approximately 100 additional destinations for urgent incoming and outgoing shipments are available in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The new destinations include
North European commercial centers such as Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen as well as cities like Göteborg and Billund. The new partnership reduces delivery times between the most important
business centers and in Scandinavia and in Europe. For example, the shipment of urgent documents or goods between cities like Göteborg and Düsseldorf takes only three hours, and only four hours from Stockholm to Zurich and vice versa. “Business relations between Scandinavia and the other European countries are continuously increasing, which means there is a rising demand for rapid and individual logistics solutions. Thanks to the new partnership, we are optimally able to fulfill these needs,” says Erik Lautmann, CEO of Jetpak.

The broad range of services are based on exclusive and customized dispatch and transportation solutions developed jointly by time:matters and Jetpak as well as on the integration of the tight and high-frequency networks of the two partners. Other benefits of the new partnership for customers include the long opening hours of the Jetpak drop-off and pick-up locations – including early morning and late night hours, which gives customers maximum flexibility in their timing.

The integration of Jetpak’s connections in the international time:matters network, encompassing some 400 destinations in 90 countries, opens up a variety of new possibilities for a number of business sectors, for example the automotive and high-tech industries, due to extremely short delivery times between Scandinavia and other parts of Europe such as Rome, Lisbon, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, and Frankfurt. By using the sameday service, companies in these industries can ensure that shipments of urgently needed spare parts or components reach their destination in the shortest possible time. Depending on the connection, delivery between Scandinavia and business centers in other European locations takes from as little as three hours.

“Our partnership with Jetpak, one of the most important players in the sameday market, optimally complements our existing network. Together, we are bringing Scandinavia closer to the rest of
Europe,” says Franz-Joseph Miller, CEO of time:matters GmbH. “For companies with business relations in the Scandinavian region, this represents a considerable added value.”