Neu-Isenburg/Brussels, March 11th, 2009– time:matters has formed a partnership with the Belgian carrier Brussels Airlines, which is based in Brussels-Zaventem and has an extensive international route network. Due to this new partnership, time:matters can draw on additional flights to European destinations such as Munich, Zurich or Brussels for the transport of its sameday shipments. time:matters can now access 852 additional direct flights from Brussels to 44 European sameday air stations per week. This translates into an increased route frequency that enables time:matters to offer its customers an even more comprehensive sameday service, due to greater flexibility when selecting the fastest connections and the significant reduction of transport times.

The expansion of time:matters’ sameday route network benefits the special logistics provider’s customers in Belgium and throughout the rest of Europe. The use of Brussels Airport as an additional hub for the transport of European sameday shipments also in part significantly reduces transport times to and from Belgium as well as to cross-border destinations. Therefore, a sameday shipment from Warsaw to Maastricht can be flown via Brussels, instead of via Frankfurt and Amsterdam, as was previously the case. This in turn decreases the transport time by two hours to merely four hours.

The partnership is also a great advantage in terms of the direct connections that Brussels Airlines flies to from its headquarters in Brussels, which completely eliminate transit flights via Frankfurt or Munich that were previously necessary. For example, a direct flight from Brussels to Gothenburg enables a time savings of two and a half hours for the customer, since the transport time now only amounts to just under two hours. The incorporation of the Brussels Airlines’ connections into time:matters’ European route network also enables much later cut-off times. In the case of a transport from Rome to Brussels, a customer can drop their shipment off until 16:55, instead of 13:30, which was the previous cut-off time.

“time:matters’ sameday network is unparalleled in Europe in terms of its density and frequency,” states Peter Allard, Country Manager of time:matters Belgium. He notes that the collaboration with the Belgian airline is highly beneficial for customers due to the increased flexibility: “The partnership gives us a significant time advantage for the sameday delivery of goods with time:matters. Our service can therefore be used in an even more flexible and spontaneous manner.” Kris Drossart, Courier Manager of Globe Air Cargo (General Sales & Service Agent for Brussels Airlines), emphasizes: “We are pleased that with time:matters, our portfolio now includes a partner that offers sameday service. Our customers will also benefit from this.”