Neu-Isenburg/Stockholm, May 13th, 2009 – time:matters, the special service provider for courier, sameday and emergency logistics as well as time-critical spare parts logistics and Jetpak, the Nordic market leader for time-critical express logistics solutions, have developed a joint flight network specifically for the transport of time-critical spare parts. This represents a clear advantage over the previously independent networks, as customers benefit from an expanded network that includes additional destinations, a significantly extended area for pick-ups and deliveries as well as shortened delivery times. The new service is a consequent development of the close business partnership, which time:matters and Jetpak have developed in the area of sameday shipments over the years.

The two partners’ new dense and high-frequency in-night network connects Central European commercial centers with Northern European destinations such as Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and
Helsinki as well as remote areas like Hammerfest in northern Norway or Oulu in northwest Finland. With points of departure such as Maastricht, Erfurt and Baden (Karlsruhe), there are now excellent opportunities to provide fast service from the Benelux region and all of Germany for customers with delivery needs throughout the Nordic countries. Furthermore, due to time:matters’ service to and from Italy, it is also possible to provide in-night transport and delivery services from northern Italy to the Nordic region.

Both partners’ clients benefit from the joint network and the resulting same night and early morning delivery service to their respective customers and service engineers. Time-critical spare parts can thus be transported during the night from a spare parts warehouse (European Distribution Centers) to their destination within as little as 12 to 14 hours. The service also enables the latest possible pick-up (up to 7pm) and the earliest possible drop-off times (from 7am) – e.g. by using designated pick-up and dropoff points (PuDos). Therefore, it is for example possible to ensure that a component, which is urgently needed for the repair of a defective magnetic resonance tomograph in Falun, Central Sweden, is picked up at the spare parts warehouse near Frankfurt, Germany at 6:30pm and is already at the respective clinic’s disposal at 8am the next morning.

“The partnership optimally complements each partner’s network and enhances each other’s solution portfolio. Our customers can subsequently enhance the service to their field engineers and guarantee the highest levels of uptime for their equipment. Together, we are bringing the Nordic region closer to the rest of Europe, even connecting it to countries such as Italy.” says Franz-Joseph Miller, CEO of time:matters GmbH. “Business relations between the Nordic region and other European countries are continuously intensifying, which means there is a rising demand for fast, customized and cost effective logistics solutions. Thanks to the new partnership, our customers can further optimize their supply chains in terms of costs and efficiency,” adds Erik Lautmann, CEO of Jetpak.