Neu-Isenburg/Munich/Erlangen, August 20, 2008 – time:matters, the special service provider for courier, sameday and emergency logistics which is part of the Lufthansa Group, has gained Siemens
Healthcare (Erlangen, Germany), a business unit of Siemens AG, as a customer for the time-critical spare parts logistics segment and entered into an according cooperation agreement with retroactive effect from April 1, 2008. time:matters has therefore taken on the spare parts supply in the Scandinavian countries as well as Italy for Siemens Healthcare, one of the world’s largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. Siemens Healthcare manufactures and distributes a wide range of live-saving and vital high-tech equipment for clinics and doctors’ offices – such as diagnostic systems and therapy equipment, but also complete IT solutions.

Following Fujitsu Siemens Computers, time:matters has within a short time, been able to gain another corporate customer from the Siemens Group for its logistics services. For instance, time:matters maintains a special “innight network” for Siemens Healthcare, which ensures that spare parts for sensitive medical equipment can be transported overnight from the spare parts warehouse to the place that they are needed – within twelve to 14 hours. Therefore, it is for example possible to ensure that a component, which is urgently needed for the repair of a defective magnetic resonance tomograph, is picked up at the spare parts warehouse at 18:30 and is already at the respective clinic’s disposal at 8:00 the next morning. In addition to the “innight service”, other services can also be implemented and are selected according to the individual needs of each specific case of application. This includes services such as Courier Solutions or “Onboard Couriers.” Less time-critical deliveries are also covered in the transport portfolio for Siemens Healthcare by means of “overnight service” or thanks to an “end of business day”-concept.

Since time:matters especially foresees growth with regards to time-critical spare parts logistics, the logistics service provider established its own unit – time:matters Spare Parts Logistics, which combines special expertise in this area. The contract partner of time:matters Spare Parts Logistics on the Siemens side is the central department Global Shared Services (GSS), Logistics Management, which externally represents the Siemens sector Healthcare and whose job it is, among other things, to negotiate new potential in terms of cargo bundling between the Siemens sectors and external companies. “The agreed cooperation with time:matters represents a great opportunity for the Siemens sectors to reach a high service level with favorable cargo rates,” says Jürgen Kindereit, Director Logistics Management at GSS, explaining the prospects of Siemens’ transport network.

According to time:matters CEO Franz-Joseph Miller, the increasing need for customized flexible, but at the same time quick and reliable solutions for spare part logistics mainly arises from the fact that an increasing amount of branches of industry are, due to cost reasons, abandoning decentralized means of storage in favor of centralized storage. Therefore, Siemens Healthcare has concentrated the approx. 40,000 stored stock items, which must remain available as spare parts for the company’s high-quality products, to just three distribution centers worldwide and a few regional warehouses. Up until a few years ago, the company stored these items in several decentralized warehouses located throughout the world. “It is obvious that over the course of this development, the challenges facing spare parts logistics have significantly increased and will indeed continue to do so,” says the time:matters CEO.

The ever-increasing importance of after-sales service also contributes to the continual rise in the demand for reliable spare parts logistics solutions. For instance, Siemens Healthcare sends off around 650,000 spare parts and delivers in over 160 countries per year. “The quality of the after-sales service plays a decisive role for us – especially since the delayed delivery of spare parts for many of our products would lead to incredibly high costs associated with downtimes and our customers’ dissatisfaction,” explains Heiko Ansorge, Head of Strategic Transport Management at Siemens Healthcare, Material Logistics. Dr. Frank Debus, Vice President Material Logistics, adds: “Centralized storage in the respective time zones constitutes the basis of our global spare parts supply. With the commissioning of time:matters we are essentially pursuing one goal: to continue to offer our customers an uncompromising and highly-flexible quality of service in the future – in the form of deliveries that are both fast and reliable.”