• High quality of service portfolio confirmed once again
  • International standard ensures transparency for new customers
  • Development of new business areas with strict quality management standards

In addition to time:matters Netherlands B.V. and time:matters Spare Parts Logistics GmbH, time:matters GmbH is now also certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Certification in accordance with the globally recognized DIN standard confirms the consistently high level of quality of the time:matters management system for transport organization, worldwide monitoring, and tracking of time-critical, custom shipments.

In the area of international special speed logistics, resilient dependability and individual customer communication play a major role within the strategy of long-term service excellence and quality. By aligning its quality management systems and business processes with the international standard, time:matters provides both domestic and international customers with optimal proof of its competence and performance. Within ISO 9001, systematically bringing all processes into line with customer requirements has high priority.

“Our customers expect 100% quality and professionalism from our transport services. They value the transparency that we offer along the entire transport chain through seamless monitoring and attach great importance to the reliability of our efficient, proactively defined backup processes,” says Lars Krosch, COO of time:matters. “Certification of our quality management according to international standards demonstrates that our processes are consistently geared toward the needs of our customers. It provides customers with an official point of reference for assessing our outstanding services in advance.”

Certification by Lloyd’s Register Deutschland GmbH also has major advantages internally: companies that successfully roll out and implement a quality management system benefit from continuously optimized processes, high-quality standards in products and services, high customer and employee satisfaction, and savings through process cost optimization and low complaint rates.

“Successful certification is an additional endorsement of our effective strategy for achieving service excellence and quality,” explains Alexander Kohnen, CEO of time:matters. “Compliance with the official standards allows us to access new industrial sectors that require a certified quality management system.”

In addition to current certification according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, time:matters GmbH also holds environmental certificate ISO 14001:2015 for its successfully established environmental management system and has been an “Authorized Economic Operator” (AEO) since April 2019. Status as an AEO provides international customers with transparent insight into the unparalleled standards that time:matters meets in global goods management and safeguarding of its customer supply chain. The high standards of service are not only reflected in the official certifications but also confirmed by the consistently high Net Promoter Score of over 75.