• time:matters (Shanghai) International Freight Forwarding Ltd. – a subsidiary of time:matters Holding GmbH – joined WeChat in March
  • This link-up represents another milestone in digital customer communication with a focus on users in China and further afield
  • For many users of the WeChat app, the service is central to their online activities; this gives time:matters the opportunity to better network with the target group

Digitally networked in China: logistics expert time:matters launched its official WeChat B2B channel via its Chinese subsidiary time:matters (Shanghai) International Freight Forwarding Ltd. in March. “The principle aim behind this is to connect with WeChat users in China. This will allow us to generate followers as well as inform business partners and prospective customers about the company and our highly efficient transport services. Joining the platform marks another milestone in our digital customer communication strategy,” explained Alexander Kohnen, CEO of time:matters. WeChat was launched as a messaging app several years ago and is now extremely popular in China.

Some 900 million people in China log into WeChat every day. In addition to its text messaging service with chat function, the app can also be used in a variety of other ways. “Users do not even have to leave WeChat anymore to connect and communicate with companies and find their products and services. For this and other reasons, a WeChat profile is very important to us,” said Constance Wu, Executive Director time:matters (Shanghai) International Freight Forwarding Ltd., before adding: “By launching our own B2B channel on the platform, we want to tap into WeChat’s huge potential. Interested users will now receive news that is specific to the target group, such as information on network expansions as well as product and industry-specific updates. We are also looking forward to engaging enthusiastically with users so that we can best align our transport solutions with customer needs.”

The company publishes customer-centric, tailored posts in Mandarin and English several times a month. time:matters’ WeChat presence can be accessed using the relevant WeChat ID (time:matters 时美达) or, alternatively, by scanning the related QR code.

time:matters on WeChat