Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main / Warsaw, December 3, 2007 – time:matters GmbH, the expert for courier, sameday and emergency logistics which belongs to the Lufthansa group, opened a new
branch office in Poland’s capital Warsaw on December 1, 2007. The provider that specializes in especially reliable “high-speed” logistics solutions is now, following Switzerland and Austria, present in a total of three European countries with its own overseas branch offices. With the market entry in Poland, time:matters continues to pursue its internationalization strategy, which should in turn help the company achieve European market leadership within a few years.

The new time:matters branch in Warsaw is staffed with local logistics experts, that are not only well familiar with the Polish market, but also with the specific express logistics needs of companies based in other Eastern European countries, for example in the Ukraine or Hungary. The decision for the site in Poland consequently has strategic reasons: due to its location the new EU Member State is an essential link between the established western industrialized countries and the emerging economic nations of the former Eastern Bloc, which possess substantial market potential. For this reason Poland is doubly interesting for logistics providers, firstly because Poland has, during the course of globalization and the accompanying increasing outsourcing of manufacturing facilities to Eastern European countries, become an extremely attractive business location. Secondly, its function as a bridge between Central and Eastern Europe is of great importance.

The close economic and trade relations between Poland and its western neighbors, especially with Germany, constitute an excellent foundation for the upswing that is expected in the Polish logistics industry. Production processes becoming increasingly “more sensible” as well as increased “just in time”-delivery demands cause all signs to point to growth – especially for sameday and emergency logistics with their especially quick and flexible solutions. time:matters’ services now incorporate Polish companies into the service provider’s international logistics network that encompasses around 400 destinations in 90 countries. Subsequently the companies benefit from extremely short processing times for the transport of their products to other economic centers. The transport time between Poland and numerous international metropolises and urban centers is therefore reduced to just merely a few hours. Due to daily direct-flight connections, express deliveries, for example important components for the car-supplier industry, reach their recipient on the very same day (“sameday”). In addition, customers benefit from authorized accelerated customs clearance and options such as on-site pick-up and delivery.

“For some time now the logistics industry has been developing quite dynamically,” emphasizes Adam Komoroski, Managing Director of the Polish time:matters branch office: “We have observed great
potential on both the demand as well as the supply side, especially since the special ‘high-speed’ logistics segment has only been developed to a limited extent up until now.”