Bangkok / Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main (Germany), February 13, 2004 – In readiness for next week’s “Air Freight Asia“ Conference and Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, time:matters GmbH has released a short summary of its current and planned activities in the Asian logistics markets. The recent spin-off from Lufthansa Cargo AG is a provider of “Special Speed Services” – innovative solutions for time critical foreign and domestic air shipments. time:matters is already operating in India (New Delhi and Bombay), Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan (Osaka and Tokyo), the Philippines (Manila) and Thailand (Bangkok). In the near future, local operations will begin in China with Peking and Shanghai at the center of the company’s plans. These two cities represent the greatest potential growth areas in the Asian market as estimated by time:matters. “The importance of destinations like Peking and Shanghai will only increase over time,” said CEO Franz-Joseph Miller. Miller also believes that Hong Kong consignments will become an area of significant growth for time:matters in the future.

By all indications, Southern India is developing into another very promising region for time:matters. Mr. Miller said, “The largest business sectors in this region, i.e. textiles and the
IT branch, are already important customers of ours with a significant number of product shipments from Chennai (Madras) to Europe and North America.“ Returning to the greater Asian region as a whole, documents, IT components and product samples will continue to represent the bulk of the time:matters business. At the regional or local levels, time:matters has partnered with integrators to perform regional courier srvices in Asia, the most important among these being DHL and TNT.