Paris / Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt am Main), March 8, 2004 – On the occasion of the trade fair “SITL – International Week of Transport and Logistics,“ which begins tomorrow, Tuesday,
in Paris, time:matters GmbH has published an overview of its current and planned activities in France. time:matters, subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG and supplier of national and international
“Special Speed Services“, i.e., innovative solutions for the transportation of extremely time-critical shipments via airplane and train, covers the French logistics market, especially
with its “same:day“ product. Via “same:day”, packages, documents, and machine and spare parts, for example, can be transported to the recipient within a few hours via the fastest possible
air route – if desired with door-to-door delivery.

For “same:day” flights to France (imports), Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport) and Lyon are the most important destinations. In addition, the company flies to Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse.
Bordeaux should be added as another destination in the course of this year. From France (exports), most “same:day” transports go to Germany (Dresden, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig,
Munich), the UK (London-Heathrow, Edinburgh), and Italy (Rome). In total, time:matters’ “same:day” deliveries are made to more than 40 destinations in 12 European countries.
Customers with transport needs into and/or out of France also benefit from the fact that time:matters customers have Deutsche Lufthansa’s entire scheduled flight network and
numerous other transporters’ flight connections at their disposal – via its hub in Frankfurt am Main, time:matters serves approximately 340 destinations in 89 countries worldwide. Daily,
time:matters has access to more than 900 continental and 60 intercontinental connections.

With respect to exports from France, the electronics industry has become the most important customer for “same:day” transport orders. Here, semiconductors make up the “lion’s share” of
the wares transported; to these are added medical-diagnostic products and replacement parts for the airplane and automobile industry. The delivery of semiconductors and replacement
parts also makes up the majority of the French import volume; here documents also play an important role. In both exports and imports, time:matters was able to achieve significant
growth in 2003 in France (as also in other European countries): while transport activities as a whole more than doubled in comparison to the previous year (increase of over 121 percent)
and exports from Paris-Charles de Gaulle alone increased approximately 150 percent from the second to the fourth quarter of 2003, sales generated by business with French customers
increased by approximately 140 percent in 2003 as compared to the previous year.

For the current year 2004, time:matters CEO Franz-Joseph Miller expects sales to increase by approximately 100 percent. “Replacement-parts logistics is one of the segments with the
highest growth potential of the logistics market in France as in the rest of Europe,” Miller comments. “In addition to electronic and medical products, replacement-part transportation
represents the greatest growth potential for our company, which with its ‘Special Speed Services’ regards itself especially as a ‘One-Stop Shopping’ supplier for all logistical problems
and emergencies,” Miller concludes.