Neu-Isenburg/Sharjah, May 5, 2004 – time:matters, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG, has started a global service center for its worldwide courier service courier:express. The most important new features for customers include a uniform global service number, availability around the clock, and above all active tracking for all shipments sent with courier:express. For the first time, the new service center makes it possible for companies to get information on courier routes, reserve transportation capacities and – especially important – check the status of shipments 24 hours a day, seven days a week using one global telephone number +49-700 timematters (+49-700 84636288). For customers, this means that from now on they can send urgent and important shipments worldwide even more simply, faster, more comfortably, and independent of local business hours.

With the new service center, time:matters is significantly expanding its service to include active shipment tracking with immediate notification. When flights are delayed due to bad weather or another irregularity, the sender is immediately and actively informed by the service center in order to take action if necessary. For many customers, time:matters has found that in urgent cases it is especially important to be updated at all times in order to plan schedules and resources accordingly. “With the new service center for courier:express, companies have a reliable partner who cuts through red tape and takes care of urgent shipments day and night. The global network, the high frequency of flights by Lufthansa and our partner airlines, and the specialized service team ensure the fastest possible transport with the best possible customer information,” explains time:matters Managing Director Franz-Joseph Miller.

time:matters established the new service center in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to supplement the existing service center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The provider of special speed services also views this expansion as a sign that the company is rapidly growing beyond its European roots to Asia and North America. Among other things, this step towards globalization leads to greater demand for customer support which covers time zones beyond Europe.

“We’ve already used the new service center from India for a case in the USA and are extremely satisfied with the service,” says Ivan Baskar, Country Operations Manager of TNT India, representing a number of customers who have already had their first good experiences. “We’re very customer-oriented and it’s great to have such a fantastic team like the people at time:matters to support us,” says Baskar full of enthusiasm.

courier:express is not only ideal for emergency situations, but it is above all also well positioned as a provider of regular transportation services, for example for intercontinental collection and distribution or to support production cycles just-in-sequence. Depending on the airport, a shipment can already be in the air within an hour of arrival at the airport. The service makes it possible for companies to send documents and small packages weighing up to 32 kilograms in unlimited quantities. All transportation processes are designed for maximum
speed and hence are significantly faster than standard freight processes. Processing is handled in specially equipped courier terminals. Shipments have high loading priority, are
loaded as courier baggage, not mixed with freight, and labeled with fluorescent-colored courier luggage tags. Also, each individual courier shipment is announced to everyone
involved in the logistics process to ensure maximum speed. The declaration as courier baggage makes the import customs process significantly faster than freight customs. The
courier service of time:matters goes to 50 destinations worldwide. In Germany, courier:express is available at the Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin-Tegel, Frankfurt am Main, and
Düsseldorf airports.