• Quick and convenient online registration
  • Direct access to booking platforms
  • Eco-friendly, paperless process

time:matters, the expert in high performance and special speed logistics, has introduced an even more customer-friendly registration process. Now that the previously multi-stage process has been fully digitized, new customers can efficiently register in just a few clicks, without using any paper.

time:matters paid careful attention to what its customers needed and wanted when redesigning the now even more user-friendly registration process. The result is an uncomplicated online form, containing only the essentials, which can capture all relevant information in a very short time. And a completely new feature has been added: immediately following registration, users now automatically receive their access to the “time:matters online” booking tool and can begin straight away to book Sameday Air and ic:kurier shipments and track their progress in real time. The system automatically emails them a summary of the information they provided. Users especially benefit from the new process when time is of the essence, as all of the information needed to make a booking is already in the system.

“When redesigning the user interface, we focused fully on the needs of our customers,” explained Lars Krosch, COO of time:matters. “Systematic further development of our services is not only about delivering an ever more seamless user experience. We are also taking important steps towards fully digitizing the time:matters offering.”

The new user interface, designed in line with the very latest standards, is part of the comprehensive and long-term digitization strategy at time:matters and complements the existing service offering. Customers have already been able to book Sameday Air, ic:kurier and Direct Delivery transports via time:matters online for some time now. The airmates platform generates complete quotes for on board courier transports in less than a minute. These can then be immediately booked on the same website.

By automating registration, time:matters has eliminated printed forms for this process, taking it a step closer towards reduced paper use in communications with customers and improving its environmental footprint. The logistics expert has been actively engaged in digitizing its order and
tracking processes for a long time now and was awarded ISO 14001 certification in 2018 for its efforts in environmental management.