Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main / Ljubljana (Slovenia) November 28, 2007 – Effective December 1, 2007 time:matters, the expert for courier, sameday and emergency logistics which belongs to the Lufthansa group, will cooperate with the Slovenian airline Adria Airways. The airline, which is based in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, is as the country’s largest and most significant airline, a member of the “Star Alliance” carrier network. With the new partnership, time:matters expands its route network that encompasses around 400 destinations in 90 countries to Ljubljana Airport (airport-code: LJU). Thus southeast Central Europe gains a quick direct connection to the international logistics network of the provider that specializes in especially reliable “high-speed” solutions. This will result in advantages not only for companies that have particularly urgent shipments to send to or from Slovenia – the companies based in neighboring Austria or its bordering country Slovakia will benefit from the new sameday hub at the nearby Ljubljana Airport as well.

Due to the agreed cooperation between Adria Airways and time:matters, the Greater Ljubljana/Vienna/Bratislava area is practically moving closer to numerous economic centers both in
Europe and around the world. The integration of Adria’s flight plan into time:matters’ sameday route network means for example that important components or spare parts can be flown directly from Ljubljana to Vienna four times a day or to Zurich three times a day – so that they usually reach their recipient within just a few hours after dispatch. Up to now such express deliveries often first had to be transported from Slovenia to Graz Airport by car, causing the loss of valuable time. Since flights from Ljubljana also fly to the important transit airports in Frankfurt and Munich several times a day, express shipments to destinations outside of Europe can in many cases also be realized “sameday.”

In tangible terms, the newly sealed logistics partnership makes it possible to for example deliver urgent documents, which the customer handed in at Ljubljana Airport at 6:30 am, to the addressee’s door in Paris five hours later – other standard logistics providers would have required at least twice the amount of time to tackle such an assignment. The same applies to important machinery spare parts that first have to be picked up from a production plant located near Hamburg, then transported to Ljubljana as quickly as possible – where they are actually available and ready to be delivered to the recipient at the airport less than six and a half hours later.

“The cooperation with Adria Airways is of great significance for our customers, since this is one of the few airlines that regularly flies directly to Ljubljana,” explains Steve Plenk, the Managing Director of time:matters in Austria. “The economic development in southeast Central Europe, which is characterized by constant growth, enforces the region’s continuously increasing significance that is also associated with the increased demand for quick logistics services. The integration of the EU Member State Slovenia into our ‘high-speed’ network is for this reason both a customer oriented and strategically consistent decision,” says Plenk.