• time:matters ended 2016 with a 9% year-on-year increase in revenue
  • Particularly strong growth in the targeted automotive, semicon and aviation industries
  • Focus on further digitization in 2017
Neu-Isenburg, 06 April 2017: time:matters (www.time-matters.com), the leading expert in worldwide Special Speed Logistics, concluded 2016 with a 9% year-on-year increase in revenue, taking it to just under 70 million euros. The company thereby maintained its positive overall performance of recent years and exceeded its sales growth from the previous business year. In 2016, the strategic focus lay on integrating other airlines and partners into the network and developing special solutions for particular industry segments. Still operating as an independent concern since Lufthansa Cargo took complete ownership of the company, time:matters will forge ahead in 2017 with the launch of the On Board Courier platform airmates and, most importantly, further digitizing its platform and increasing its international reach. Additional growth potential is also expected from closer cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo. First-quarter growth in 2017 has actually been well above 2016 levels.

time:matters was extremely successful in pursuing its declared goal for 2016 of incorporating numerous other airlines into its network. Connections with Air France, TAP Portugal, Flybe and Air Malta were added; also, United Airlines was directly integrated.

Business with industrial customers continued to grow very strongly in 2016 through the acquisition of new business and development of specific industry solutions. Clear year-on-year growth was particularly evident in respect of the automotive (92%), high-tech and semiconductor (47%) and aviation and aerospace (44%) sectors.

time:matters was also honored with three major awards in 2016. For the second time in a row, time:matters Spare Parts Logistics received the Achieving Excellence Award from John Deere. For developing a new transport concept for CNH Industrial, the company was named Top Logistics Provider in the Spare Parts category. time:matters impressed Volkswagen’s logistics experts with its emergency logistics concept, one of 170 solutions submitted, earning itself the Top Innovator title.

“As a leading expert in Special Speed Logistics, we have greatly exceeded our growth targets for 2016 and will now focus fully in 2017 on further digitizing our transport solutions and processes – always adapted to the needs of our customers, as ever”, explained Franz-Joseph Miller, Managing Director of the time:matters Group. “I am really delighted that our focus on technology and service excellence, for which our customers have given us an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of over 70, is paying off in terms of lasting success.”