• time:matters ends 2017 with a 55% year-on-year increase in revenue
  • Tremendous growth in automotive and high-tech/semicon focus industries
  • Further growth and internationalization targeted for 2018

time:matters, the Experts for High Performance and Special Speed Logistics, concluded 2017 with 108 million euros in sales revenue, up 55% on the previous year. The company thereby maintained its positive overall performance in all focus industries and considerably exceeded its sales growth from the previous business year (+9%).

Internationalization and the digitization of the service offering were targeted last year. The opening of the first Sameday Air station outside of Europe in Tel Aviv represented a significant milestone in the global expansion of the comprehensive route network for time-critical shipments. The launch of the global platform time:matters airmates completed the digitization of the On Board Courier Service for the accompanied transport of especially urgent and sensitive shipments. time:matters also enhanced its shipment processes by introducing automated tracking, which has led to quicker and easier handling. The time:matters Courier Terminal at Frankfurt Airport also celebrated its 10th anhtthttps://www.airmates.eu/enps://www.airmates.eu/enniversary in 2017.

All of the industries focused on by the company registered tremendous to strong growth in 2017. This growth was particularly driven by customers in the automotive and semicon/high-tech sectors. time:matters was also honored with several prestigious awards in 2017. The logistics group received its third Achieving Excellence Award in the area of Spare Parts Logistics from John Deere. time:matters was also named Top Logistics Provider in the Spare Parts category by CNH Industrial. “We are delighted with the strong growth in 2017 and proud that we have continued to meet our customers’ high quality requirements in spite of the increased transport volumes, as also reflected in our awards”, said COO Christian Mörtl.

“As a leading Expert in High Performance and Special Speed Logistics, we have greatly exceeded our growth targets for 2017 and will continue to focus in 2018 on the geographic expansion of our transport solutions and processes. Besides this, we continue to focus on developing our expertise in our focus industries and digitizing our offering”, explained Alexander Kohnen, who completed the company’s executive board in late 2017 on being appointed the new Managing Director Strategy & Sales. “We have also been able to attract many new employees to our company, who are contributing directly to the success of time:matters through their expertise, passion and commitment”, added CFO Inga Christoph.