Frankfurt Airport

time:matters Courier Terminal for handling of express airfreight shipments and transit

time:matters Courier Terminals GmbH

Frankfurt Airport
Building 455d
Cargo City Nord
Gate 26

Welcome to Frankfurt

Specializing in courier and express airfreight handling, the time:matters Courier Terminal at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) epitomizes speed, tailored service, reliability, and adaptability.

Nestled within Fraport’s Cargo City North, our dedicated team of over 40 professionals ensures rapid freight handling with unparalleled efficiency. Capitalizing on direct apron access, we guarantee minimal import and transit handling times (from just 45 minutes) as well as swift export processes (starting at 60 minutes). Our “tail-to-tail” aircraft transshipment on the apron further slashes transit durations.

From unit assembly to break down, consolidated shipment check-in to break bulk, our solutions are meticulously tailored to your needs. We seamlessly accommodate unique demands, including customs clearance, X-ray screening, and warehousing. Operating 365 days a year, the time:matters Courier Terminal at Frankfurt Airport is your unwavering logistics partner.

Foundation: 2004