Once again, time:matters has been awarded the status of “Preferred supplier” in the field of Courier Services by the Global Business Services Purchasing division of Robert Bosch GmbH.

This award is the result of a long-term and successful partnership and comes in appreciation and recognition for continuous top performance delivered by time:matters. In particular, the Global Business Services Purchasing division of Bosch appreciates the ability to provide fast, reliable and customized logistics solutions for time-critical shipments on a global level.

Delivering courier services for the production sites and divisions of the technology and service company Bosch confirms once again that time:matters meets the demands of globally positioned companies without compromising on quality or speed. By delivering the quality needed, time:matters is an innovative partner for logistical emergencies and time-critical regular business as well.

The “Preferred Supplier” is awarded annually as part of the Bosch supplier management program for suppliers that deliver outstanding products or services. The award aims to establish long-term business relationships and promote shared global growth with the best and most innovative suppliers.

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