Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second-largest city, is now the fourth Sameday Air station in Romania, alongside Bucharest (OTP), Sibiu (SBZ) and Timişoara (TSR), to boast six flights daily either to, from or via Munich.

These are:

  • CLJ-MUC:            LH1673, LH1669, LH1671
  • MUC-CLJ:            LH1668, LH1670, LH1672

This means we are offering more than 300 flights a week to and from Romania via the Munich (MUC), Frankfurt (FRA), Vienna (VIE) and Warsaw (WAW) transit stations.

International companies operating in the electronics and information technology sectors are located in the greater area of Cluj. Additionally, Romania is also a base for companies in the machinery and automotive industries, including numerous supplier firms.

We are constantly working towards increasing our network and adding further stations, flights and airlines in order to expand our service in this region and others.

Of course, all flights can be automatically booked and the status of shipments tracked online with Online Booking & Tracking Tool time:matters online.

Further information on our Sameday Air service can be found here.