time:matters offers the world’s first CO2-neutral on board courier service: Thanks to complete digitalization of complex quotation processes, users on the airmates platform receive a quote for a personally accompanied transport in less than one minute and can then book this immediately. The compensation of emissions for flights as well as for pick-ups and deliveries with the vehicle is handled by time:matters. More info here: Sustainable Logistics.

In addition to the successful ISO 14001:2015 certification last year and the use of electric vehicles on the apron, the compensation measure represents the next milestone in the company’s sustainability offensive. time:matters is cooperating with myclimate, a renowned non-profit organization that is among the global leaders in voluntary quality compensation measures, to offset its carbon emissions. The supported initiative in Rwanda promotes the use of locally produced stoves. The project aims to reduce demand for firewood in the region by up to 70 percent and protect the unique habitat of the endangered mountain gorilla from deforestation.

time:matters plans further steps towards a sustainable overall portfolio and environmentally friendly transport solutions in the near future: An expansion of the compensation activities to further services is planned.