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Optimized spare parts supply for technical devices and equipment.

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Machinery and equipment provide the foundation for the production process in a variety of fields, such as medical technology, high-tech industry, vehicle and aircraft manufacturing, supply industry, textile industry, energy sector and many others. Since most equipment is in operation around the clock, downtimes are not only subsequently associated with enormous costs, but can lead to delays when fulfilling existing orders for customers as well. Therefore, the goal is to avoid standstill periods when possible. This can be accomplished through the timely delivery of necessary spare parts – either for preventative maintenance measures or in case of emergencies. This subsequently leads to enhanced fulfillment of maintenance contracts, in addition to optimizing the working time for service technicians. Furthermore, a speedy and smooth spare parts supply can substitute local storage of valuable spare parts, thus eliminating decentralized warehousing costs.

time:matters offers the following advantages:

As part of our Spare Parts Logistics:

  • Latest possible pickup combined with the earliest possible delivery innight or daytime express (with time options)
  • Designated flight network with maximum flexibility: combination of charter and commercial uplift
  • Delivery to service engineers / technicians (e.g. trunk, PUDO) or directly to the point of use
  • Fast return transport of valuable spare parts intended for repair

As part of our Emergency Logistics:

  • 24/7 availability for acceptance and booking of time-critical shipping orders
  • An extensive network plus numerous partners for comprehensive coverage including pickup, delivery and customs clearance throughout Europe and worldwide

  • Shortest transport and transit times
  • Proactive tracking of all shipments
  • Back-up solution in case of disruptions during transport
  • The services provided in connection with Sameday Air and Express Air Cargo represent an economical alternative to classic On Board Couriers, while offering comparable security and speed.
  • Organization of an On Board Courier upon request


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