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Whenever the best matching donor for an allogenic HPC transplantation is found, the question is who can guarantee fast and safe stem cell transportation to the patient.

As the global expert for Emergency & Special Speed Logistics, time:matters develops customized transport solutions for highly sensitive and urgent products such as Stem Cell Courier Services.

In the field of Stem Cell Courier Services major international registries and transplantation centers trust in our long-year experience and logistics expertise. Strict courier selection and training, continuous process optimization and zero-error tolerance display our aspiration for excellence in the service of the patients’ health.

Our dedicated Stem Cell Team conducts several thousand international HPC transports per year.

At a glance: best match for accompanied Stem Cell transport

Our team – mission headquarters

  • Specially trained, multilingual operative experts
  • 24/7 availability for a fast response to even short-term requests
  • End-to-end planning and coordination of every mission
  • Transport box allocation, packaging, temperature control, and documentation

Our service – transparent and reliable

  • Ideal transport planning and optimal courier selection, EDI booking, and online itinerary
  • Emergency handling of unforeseeable irregularities (delays, weather, strikes, etc.)
  • Emergency handling of irregularities and crises (weather, strikes, etc.)
  • End-to-end transport planning supported by a proprietary IT system

Our network – your advantage

  • Established support from international airports and local authorities
  • Strong partnership with airlines and direct access to Lufthansa
  • Own in-house travel agency

Our couriers – the best match for each transport mission

  • Pool of more than 300 highly qualified stem cell couriers, mainly former pilots and flight attendants with the necessary psychological makeup and medical training

  • Strict courier selection: mainly former pilots and flight attendants certified psychologically suitable and with medical training and international travel experience
  • Established worldwide courier centers
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Article: STAT Times Industry Report Feb 2019

*This article first appeared on The STAT Trade Times and was republished with permission.

Stem cell courier services

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*This article first appeared on Politikbrief – Lufthansa Group 4/19 and is republished with permission.