Cold Chain and Biological Sample Logistics

Fastest possible transport of time-critical and sensitive biological products and samples.

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Our priority is to maintain the integrity of biological products and samples during the entire supply chain.
Whether your shipment requires special procedures, such as “do not x-ray”, or continuous cold chain logistics, our logistics solutions are customized to your particular needs. On-time delivery, including continuous monitoring of transports to prevent temperature deviations, can only be achieved through the highest level of supervision by trained specialists at each point of transport. Accordingly, we can offer you transports via rail, air, and road, or by trained medical stem cell- and On Board Couriers.

time:matters offers the following advantages:


  • Customized cold chain planning and set-up for clinical trials and commercial products
  • Transports of passively cooled products and specimens in different temperature ranges, including dry ice
  • Handling of dry shippers
  • Shipment of UN3373 (biological specimens – Category B)
  • Availability of medically trained On Board Courier
  • Back-up solutions in case of disruption during transport


  • 24/7 availability for the acceptance and booking of all types of time-critical shipping orders
  • Proactive tracking and active monitoring of all shipments
  • Documentation and temperature analysis for quality assurance purposes
  • Shortest response times – from order acceptance and pickup to delivery


  • A comprehensive network plus several partners for European and worldwide transports, including pickup, delivery, and customs clearance
  • Exclusive cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (ic:kurier service)
  • Shortest transport and transit times
  • Operations in over 90 countries

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