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In accordance with § 4g (2) of the German Federal Law on Data Protection (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, or BDSG), the data protection officer shall make the information specified in items 1 to 8 of this document available to anyone upon request in an appropriate manner, as stated in § 4e (1) BDSG.

1. Name of the responsible entity:
time:matters GmbH

2. Managing directors:
Alexander Kohnen, CEO
Andreas Vetter, COO
Appointed director of data processing: Juliane Seel
Corporate data protection officer: Dr. Barbara Kirchberg-Lennartz, FRA DSB

3. Address of the responsible entity:
Gutenbergstraße 6
63263 Neu-Isenburg

4. The purpose of data collection, processing or use:
time:matters GmbH is the expert for courier, sameday and emergency logistics and time-critical international spare parts logistics. The company offers customized logistics solutions for “impossible” and complex logistical challenges.
The company has the right to promote its corporate objective, to establish national and international subsidiaries and agencies, to acquire stakes in other national or international companies, to take over or establish such companies and to engage in all business, including entering into joint venture contracts. The company can hand over its operations to such companies in part or in its entirety. Data collection, processing and usage are conducted for the purpose of carrying out the above-mentioned objectives. The focus of the processing of personal data is on the following areas: human resources (management and development), suppliers (management pursuant to standardized German bookkeeping regulations – “Grundsätze Ordnungsgemäßer Buchführung,” or GoB), as well as customers.

5. Description of the affected groups and the associated data or data categories:
Customer data, employee data, shareholders, as well as data pertaining to suppliers and other service providers, insofar as this is required to fulfill the objectives mentioned in item 4.

6. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed:
Public authorities, in case of the existence of overriding statutory provisions, external contractors according to §11 BDSG and external entities for the fulfillment of the objectives stipulated in item 4.

7. Time limits for the deletion of data:
Following the expiry of mandatory storage obligations, or periods stipulated by law or governing authorities, data is routinely deleted. Any data not covered by these regulations is deleted when the objectives stipulated under item 4 no longer apply.

8. Planned data transmission to third countries:
In accordance with the above-mentioned international guidelines, data may be transmitted to authorities, customers, subsidiaries, branch offices and suppliers/service providers in various countries for the purpose of carrying out procedures relevant to the furtherance of corporate objectives.

9. Security measures
time:matters GmbH ensures adherence to security measures pursuant to § 9 BDSG by practicing caution when rewarding contracts, maintaining appropriate quality regulations and training its staff members.

time:matters GmbH

Corporate Data Protection Officer
Dr. Barbara Kirchberg-Lennartz
60546 Frankfurt

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