Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is an OBC

On Board Courier (OBC): definition and examples

An On Board Courier or OBC is a courier who accompanies fast and time-critical shipments personally and delivers them to the recipient in person. On Board Couriers deliver urgently needed spare parts, important documents and medicinal technology, but also the designer dress for the fashion show as fast as possible and with the highest possible security from A to B.

When, for example, a plane has broken down in Abu Dhabi because a small, but critical part is damaged, the important spare part must be delivered as fast as possible. A grounded airplane is causing high costs and a lot of inconvenience. This is where the OBC comes in: He picks up the spare part directly at the producer or the warehouse and takes it with the fastest flight connection to its destination.

Personal attendance for your shipment

The shipments made with the On Board Couriers tend to be small and easily fit into the cabin baggage. Should a parcel be too big for that, it is checked in with the highest priority. On Board Couriers accompany the shipment on the whole transport journey and make sure to get it to its destination fast and safe.

Fast and easy booking of OBCs

If you need to book an On Board Courier, you are in a hurry. That’s why the booking at airmates is fast and easy: just type in the pick-up address and the destination, and in a minute you will have a bookable offer for an OBC. As the shipment is picked up and accompanied personally, maximum speed and security for the shipment is guaranteed.