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Emergency Logistics Glossary

What is Next Flight Out Service?

Next Flight Out (NFO) is a service for logistical emergencies in which the dispatch of particularly time-critical shipments is required. NFO shipping ensures the fastest possible dispatch and delivery within the shortest possible time. As the name suggests, the NFO cargo is transported directly on the next possible outbound flight.

How does Next Flight Out shipping work?

Before an NFO is commissioned, the customer will receive the optimal flight route with regard to flight duration and route. When things have to go particularly fast, the next flight out freight will be picked up by the time:matters courier partner at the customer’s premises or at the factory and transported to the departure airport. After shipping and customs clearance, the local courier partner will pick up the NFO shipment at its destination and transports it to the recipient. Thanks to online tracking, the customer can keep an eye on the exact location of his express shipment at all times.

Next Flight Out courier service with on-board couriers

Sometimes you may not want to hand over shipments at all but would prefer to personally take care of reliable NFO transport. That’s exactly what the OBC service is for: more than 12,000 multilingual on-board couriers in over 50 countries on 6 continents are ready day and night to personally accompany important shipments, whether they’re important spare parts or sensitive data. Our on-board couriers personally deliver shipments all the way to the recipient.